Friday the thirteenth played its trump card on the Legends division, as it had all night, with an early bit of wreckage sidelined a number or competitors and one at the end changed the course of the finish.

Coming down toward the waving checkers were leader Brendan Hammann and Josh Parsons under a full head of steam. Hammann looked under the lapped car of car as they came out of turn four and Parsons looked to the high side. Just as the unthinkable happened: The lapped car of Anthony Bello lay just ahead. Bello came out of turn four and moved uptrack; Hammann ducked under and Parsons moved to follow as the checkers waved. Bello continued up but ahead, Nikki Vicarioli got spun at the stripe, leaving her astride the line in mid-track with Hammann and Parsons bearing in on her. Hammann lifted and turned up. Parsons went high on Hammann just as the latter struck Vicarioli a glancing blow. Parsons blew past and was recorded at .008 seconds ahead of Hammann. The field highballed past the accident site without further incident. Luke LeBrun was able to also avoid Vicarioli to claim fourth, while Casey Call and Peter Bennett rounded out the top five.

The finish was a major point as Parsons has been chasing division leader Bennett for the championship and was 36 points down going in. Bennett had been caught up in an early race incident and had been coming up from the rear. The finish lifted Parsons another eight points closer to Bennett.

Mason Tessier took the pole after Jacob “Rowdy” Burns had lost power in turn one of the opening lap. A second attempt to start the race saw a turn three spin turn into several cars into the wall just out of turn four as the field attempted to avoid the turn three spin. A big pileup collected between turn four and the flagstand

Eliminated by the incident were RJ Marcotte, Connor Souza, Shileigh Martinez and Brandon Martinez. Bennett had been collected in the mob of wreced cars, but had suffered minor damages. He sat just short of Marcotte, who had backed up to the wall and surrounded but not in contact with three others. He was pushed free and able to pit and then rejoin.

Tessier and Paul Newcomb started side-by-side but Matthew Carpenter spun off turn four to the infield. Newcomb stopped in turn four under caution and began looking under the rear of his car. He had to go off on the hook.

Carpenter came loose through turn four on the next restart attempt but continued. Tessier grabbed the lead and Hammann pulled in behind him with Ryan Doucette at his back. LeBrun moved into fourth.

Four laps in, Hammann got under Tessier and next time around held the lead. LeBrun, Doucette and Parsons followed before Carpenter went around in turn two.

On the restart, Hammann pulled away from Tessier and LeBrun ducked under into second. Parsons grabbed third and Tessier stayed on the high side to challenge. Bennett was charging up from his restart at the rear. Meanwhile, LeBrun and Parsons were battling for position, pitching and yawing the spot.

Lap ten saw Hammann with a five-car lead. Parsons had settled in ahead of LeBrun who led Tessier. Casey Call was getting under Doucette behind them and Bennett was following, looking for options. As Call moved ahead, he ducked under and stole Tessier’s spot. With twelve to go, Bennett was now running sixth.

Just beyond the midpoint, the field was established and running single file with Hamman in the lead. Parsons followed, then came LeBrun, Tessier, Casey Call and Bennett. Call and Bennett moved Tessier back with ten to go and the field ran single-file without changing position as the laps wound down. Positions held all the way to the final run down the front straight.

Sixth on the event went to Doucette. Joseph Marfeo, Reagan Parent, Tessier and Connor Holderbach rounded out the top ten.