Dave Westgate took a leap from tenth to fifth on a complete race restart, setting the pace toward his second win of the season. At the same time, Tough Tim Bolger burst from sixth to second, setting him up to take the early lead from Tyler Dunancik. Westgate was on Bolger’s tail on lap five and they dueled over the lead until lap 12, when Westgate was able to wrestle the position away from Bolger. From there it was a straight shot as Westgate led the final eight laps to the checkers.

One lap after Westgate assumed the lead, Jordan Lopes edged Bolger out of second to pester the leader all the way to the finish. Crystal Murray turned in another top performance, collecting third among her string of top fives. Bolger’s performance gained him fourth, while Tyler Almeida backed up last week’s win by rounding out the top five. 

Dunancik kicked the race off from the pole, pulling away from Tim Ouellette on his outside shoulder as the latter came loose in turn one and settled to second. That lasted a moment as Bolger spring boarded up from sixth to deprive him of second. Westgate took the first lap to zoom up five spots from tenth behind Henry Lavalle, stayed there for a lap, then leapt again on a lap 2 restart brought about by Almeida’s front stretch spin.

As the green dropped, Bolger pulled away from Dunancik and Westgate made another leap into third. But another caution flew as cars spun to the infield, returned and created an accordion effect with cars tangling in turn four. David Simpson Jr. had a tire cut down and pitted, as did Karlin Levesque and Ray Herman, Sr. The trio did not return to action.

Bolger and Dunancik lined up ahead of Westgate and Arthur Meack with Lavalle and Matt Smith in row three. Westgate ducked under Dunancik, Lopes, who had started fifteenth, flew from twelfth to eighth. From there he began working steadily forward.

Lavalle settled into third behind Westgate and Meack edged Dunancik out of fourth. Bolger was running five cars up on the field as Meack got under Lavalle as Lopes came around into fifth. As Meack took over third, Lopes jumped onto his tail then ducked under. Murray had been shadowing him for several laps and now had Meack in her sights. But Dunancik spun and caution ensued.

On the lap 12 restart, they crossed the stripe dead even, but then Westgate began to pull ahead. Lopes nosed in under Bolger then drove through into second. Bolger looked under but Bolger shut him out. Murray got under Lavalle just before Ronald Gajdowski spun in turn four. Westgate had the pole and Boger was outside, since Lopes’ pass had come on the same lap as the caution. Lopes and Meack followed, then Murray and Lavalle.

Seven remained as Westgate pulled ahead and Lopes came under Bolger, who settled into third with Meack and Murray giving chase. Murray, Lavalle and Mikey Lefort were giving chase. Lopes was pressuring Westgate, but got very wide in turn four, and Westgate escaped. Bolger also went wide.

Murray got under Meack on lap 16 then under Bolger with three laps to go. It was door-to-door into the next lap before she pulled ahead. Westgate had Lopes on his tail, but Murray helped out by looking under Lopes although she could not make the pass. She was followed by Bolger, Almeida and Meack. Behind them, Mattera was running side-by-side with Lavalle, She succeeded at grabbing the spot but Lefort seized the opportunity to rush past them into seventh. The top four ran across the stripe in a knot, all on the same second, giving Westgate his second win of 2019.

Sixth went to Meack, followed by Lefort, Mattera, Lavalle, Ouellette and Matt Menders.