Ryan Vanasse came visiting from Pro Stocks for the second week and added a win to his runnerup the previous week and it seemed as if he hadn’t moved on to Pro Stocks. He moved up from eighth to the front through a medieval battlefront of competitors and wrestled the lead from a fast Dave Hutchins, jr. Vanasse then denied all challengers by running out to huge leads for the remainder of the fifty laps.
This was the first of Phil’s Propane Triple Crown events for late models. Vanasse completed the win a long 4.9 seconds ahead of runnerup Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. Roland Wheeler leapt into third, followed by Bobby Pelland III and Eddie LeClerc.
Hutchins pulled away from Vinny Arrenegado at the green. As Vinny dropped in, Jeramee Lillie dueled under Charlie Rose and Bill Bernard grabbed fifth. The Hammer dropped under Arrenegado for second out of turn four on the ensung lap. Another circuit and Hutch had a three lap lead on Lillie and Bernard while DeGasparre was passing Arrenegado down low. Vanasse then moved Arrenegado back to sixth. Vinny then spun onto the backstretch after a battle with Charlie Rose, who was called for the assist.
Hutch escaped The Hammer, who dropped into second , as Bernard and DeGasparre and then Vanasse and Pelland were wheel-to-wheel behind them. Bernard escaped DeGasparre, who found Vanasse on his low side, edging ahead. Dylan Estrella stood ahead of Pelland and Nick Lascuoal who were dueling for position.
Lillie began to edge Lascuola, but they remained door-to-door as well as the two groups in pursuit. By lap ten they were trading paint in turn frour as DeGasparre gave way to Bernard, only to find Vanasse below him. Gerry pushed hard and leapt back alongside Bernard.
Hutchins grabbed the lead on his own out of turn four and Bernard dived below Lillie while Vanasse was again under DeGasparre. By lap 16, Bernard was on Hutch’s bumper, with Vanasse at his back door. Lillie was fourth, looking to charge forward. Now DeGasparre was looking to his left to find Estrella, while Lascuola was filling his mirror. But LeClerc suddenly spun out of turn four, bringing the caution and Rose took the nod on the assist.
Hutchins came away from the box with Vanasse squeezing under Bernard to run side-by-side. Three laps later, Vanasse had second with Bernard, then Estrella, Lillie and DeGasparre in pursuit. Ron Barboza spun into the grass off turn four.
Hutchins spun his tires on the restart and Vanasse roared off into the lead, but Lascuola spun in turn three and the field was reassembled. This time, Hutchins got the better, but Vanasse wound it up and had the lead out of turn four. Estrella and Bernard followed but on the next lap, Lascuola was around on the backstretch.
This time, Estrella slid up the track coming out of turn two, losing speed and taking Pelland backwards with him. Estrella fell all the way to the rear. Jon Lewinski-loh moved into third, but spun on the following lap, taking Lillie and Estrella to the pits with him.
DeGasparre glued himself to Vanasse’s bumper on the green and Bernard dropped behind him, sticking Hutchins on the outside. By lap 26 he was fourth with LeClerc and Wheeler following. Wheeler had taken advantage on the series of cautions to thread his way from fifteenth to fifth. By lap 28, Vanasse had roared off to a fifteen-car lead.
Lap 30 saw Estrella into Derryck Anderson, who spun. Estrella took the moment to pit for repairs. On the restart, Vanasse was away with Bernard on his tail. LeClerc got under DeGasparre but Anderson spun in turn one. He retired.
Branden Dion slowed to a stop and received a one-lap penalty for intentional caution, bringing the field back for its final restart of the feature. Vanasse worked away from DeGasparre and Bernard filled the space underneath out of turn two. They went door-to-door until Gerry tried a cross-under move which was denied and Gerry settled on his bumper. Vanasse was moving away in a hurry. LeClerc held fourth followed by Wheeler, Hutchins, Lascuola and Pelland.
Pelland seized the moment and threaded between Hutch and Lascuola. Lascuola survived with Pelland on his tail, but Pelland went underneath. Lascuola lost grip and suddenly went toward the wall but made the save. Vanasse now led by a straightaway. Bernard, with DeGasparre looking to his outside, suddenly lost power and his car dropped anchor and took him to the pits. The three-lap scramble saw Wheeler and then Pelland springboard past LeClerc for third and fourth. Bernard fell victim to dry-straw syndrome – 60 pounds of trackgas consumed in the many caution laps and the last drops burned away with two laps remaining.
Completing the top ten were Lascuola, Rose, Estrella, Brandon Dion (1 lap down) and Bernard (2 down.)