Tyler Tomassi gathered in another big win in Bandoleros, but in a way, it didn’t count.  With competitors away at the Bandolero Nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina, it was a mix and match pair of races with Otlaws mixing up with Bandits.  Checkered flags flew and trophies were awarded, but it didn’t count for seasonal points.  That didn’t slow them down at all – not even Riley Caron, a Bandit in among the outlaws by virtue of  a very fast time trial.  Riley and Michael Cooper spent a good part of the race dueling before Cooper settled the issue.

            In the final analysis, it was Tomassi with the win over fellow Outlaw and rising star Samantha Dell, who gets faster every week. Cooper rolled in with a third over Riley Caron while Hailey Brightman nabbed fifth.  Newcomer Joey LaMay rounded out the run with a sixth.

            Cooper and LaMay led off and Tomassi chased Cooper out of the starting box from low in the second row and was immediately all over Coop’s bumper looking for passage.  Dell stayed close, looking for an opportunity.  But Tomassi went to Cooper’s outside and Dell latched onto his bumper.  Five laps in, Tomassi had his pass into the lead coming out of turn two.  Dell was on Cooper’s high side door.

            Samantha got very high in turn four on lap 16 and Cooper darted ahead, but she battled back alongside.  In the meantime, Tomassi roared through the clear air into a fifteen-car lead over the field.  With seven laps remaining, Dell finally conqured Cooper’s resistance and dropped into second.  Caron pulled up behind Cooper with LaMay following.

            But LaMay, coming out of turn two on lap eight, took it into the infield grass.  He finished his evening watching the finish from the infield.

            The last two circuits were a parade to the finish and Tomassi ran under the checkers with a 1.4-second lead over Dell.  Cooper was another 2.2 seconds off the pace.