In a final lap thriller, Scott Cestodio earned his third win in four weeks with a three-wide pass in the 30 lap Pure Stock feature, holding off Danny Massa and Greg Perry. None of the three of them started right at the front of the field, but they worked their way there by the time it mattered most.
The first lap of the race had a bit of chaos, after Ava Chouinard tried to get her way to the bottom groove coming off turn two, and multiple cars were collected with contact. The wreck would end the night for Ed Gould and Mike Henriques before they would even complete the first lap.
Once the race had some rhythm going, Marissa Morgan would show the way in the lead, before Joey Morrissette would take the top spot from her on lap five. Morrissette would show the way around until lap 13, when Danny Massa would use the bottom groove off turn two to take the lead from him, bringing Perry with him to the second spot. Although another caution would slow the action, it looked like Massa and Perry would decide the race between the two of them, as they both pulled away out front.
But, a caution with just a few laps remaining changed the complexion of the race. Massa would restart from pole position, with Perry to the outside, and Cestodio in line third. At the green, the top two raced side-by-side as they came to the line for the white flag, but Cestodio wasn’t going to let them earn the victory easily. He used a bottom, three-wide move to slide by both of them, as they raced three-wide into turn one and off turn two heading for home.
Cestodio would clear entering turn three, but the race wasn’t over for Massa and Perry. Both were battling for the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series championship, and neither would give an inch coming across the finish line. They would race door-to-door crossing the line, with Massa edging Perry by just a mere few inches, earning the Triple Crown title. With just three weeks left, Perry leads Massa by 16 in the championship standings, with defending champion Doug Benoit just 24 back.
In the final race tally, Cestodio, Massa, Perry, Doug Benoit and Morrissette completed the top five. Cliff Avila was sixth, followed by Max Bergstrom, Amy Arsenault, Marissa Morgan and Ava Chouinard.