By Souza Media/Kyle Souza
SEEKONK, Mass. — Sam Macedo’s quick push onto the scene in the Seekonk Grand Prix Bandolero Bandits has now resulted in three consecutive victories on Fast Friday. At the beginning of the year, fans looked at the bright No. 16 with a fresh set of eyes, wondering who was behind the wheel, and if they would be a factor. As the month of July came to a close on July 30, Macedo proved that they will know his name well by the end of the season.
He crossed the line a few car lengths ahead of Darren Krantz Jr., scoring his third straight win and etching himself into Seekonk’s record books even further. The race started with a crash on lap one, collecting some of the top challengers, but it wasn’t long before Macedo took control on lap four, and he never looked back.
Krantz, who has three wins of his own in the first six races of the season, finished second in the 15-lap feature. Milania Shilosky was third, followed by Ryan Vanasse Jr., who was fourth, and Mike Hanafin, with another top-five. Allyha DeSomma was sixth, followed by Luka Dib, Mikey LeFort III, Collin Vanasse and Nick Uhring Jr.
The Seekonk Grand Prix Bandolero Bandits return to the track for another 15-lap feature on Friday, August 6. For more information on Seekonk Speedway, visit and follow the track on social media.