Mason Tesser led all but lap one enroute to victory in the new Bandolero Outlaw division. He passed Zachary Martinez on lap one and saw nothing but clear air for the remainder of the feature. Martinez pursued well and garnered second place honors, followed by Tyler Tomassi, Cam Huntress and Brittany Campbell.

Maddie Harkin led off from the pole, with Martinez dropping into second from the outside. He went under and into the lead but there was contact as Evan Marchand and Connor Souza made contact and became stuck together. After track crews separated them, the lap one restart saw Martinez lead off the pole but Wesley Heard came to a halt in turn one and had to be pushed to the pits. The second lap one restart had Tessier and Huntress at the front.
Tessier nosed out while Huntress hung on. Tessier had the lead in turn three, but Marchand spun in turn four and Martinez was called for the assist.

Lap two restart had Tessier and Tomassi at the front; Tessier went directly to the lead and Connor Souza moved into second. But Souza worked under Marchand, they made contact and spun. Race control determined that this being the second for both, they were done for the night.

Now Tessier pulled away from Tomassi at the start and went to a four car lead. Tomassi was followed by Huntress and Brittany Campbell. The field went single file and positions remained the same. It remained that way through lap eleven but Martinez, in second since lap five, was edging up on the leader. He fell off a bit and Tomassi began to close on him as Tessier circled away at the front.

By lap 14, Tomassi was one car behind Martinez but there wasn’t time to get into position to pass.
At the finish Tessier had the win with Martinez and Tomassi at his back.

Rounding out the top finishers were: Harkin, Marchand, Souza and Heard.