Mason Tessier was probably quite happy that the handicapping shuttled him back to row three for the start of the Bandolero Outlaw feature: it allowed him to avoid a crash on lap two that eliminated race leader Maddie “Mad Dog” Harkin in a meeting with the wall and Evan Marchand, who had a meeting with Harkin as she rebounded from the barrier. On the other hand, it was perhaps Mason’s move to go four-wide for the lead that destabilized the quartet, leading to the wreck.

After the track had been cleared, Tessier, now on the pole, came off the front and ran the rest of the race at the front for the win. Zachary Martinez stepped into second, ousting Connor Souza and the two then went the distance to finish second and third. Tyler Tomassi was fourth and Brittany Campbell completed the top five. Wesley Heard, in sixth, was the last car running at the checkers.

The win was sweet for Tessier. In addition to making it two in a row, it was his fourth win in the seven weeks of racing and also rewarded him with a new title: the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown laureate.

Cambell and Marcotte came off the front for some door-to-door around to turn two, where Harkin dived down from outside the second row to get under Campbell for a three-wide down the backstretch. There was space at the bottom and Tessier leapt in for the four-wide then pushed ahead. Harkin pushed ahead into second to pursue Tessier, leaving Martinez and Marchand wheel-to-wheel behind her. But Harkin’s tires lost grip in turn four and her back end snapped around. She was gathering it in, but going backwards and she found the wall between the turn and the starters’ stand. Campbell bounced off Marchand and the trio came to rest in a cluster on the front stretch.

Harkin was hemmed in by the other two, so was stuck in the car until Campbell could be pushed away. Campbell drove away to rejoin the field but Marchand had to be pushed off to the pits and Harkin took the ride to the pits for a checkup while her car had to be taken off on the hook.

The field, less two cars, restarted on lap one and Tessier dueled Souza for the lead. He nosed ahead and Martinez came in under Souza with Tomassi, Campbell and Heard in pursuit.

Lap four saw Tessier two cars ahead while behind him, Martinez, Tomassi and Souza were in one more three-wide. Campbell came up to their bumpers in turn two. The trio broke apart and the field quickly went single file.

Martinez took over second from Souza and after three more laps, he went to Tessier’s bumper, while Souza snugged up to his, running nose-to-tail on lap eight. But Tessier summoned up more spped and pulled out to a two-car lead. Souza stayed right on Martinez’ bumper while Tomassi, Campbell and Heard followed in line. This continued for three laps.
But Campbell began falling off on lap 12 and lap 13 saw Souza all over Martinez’ bumper. Souza then came loose in turn three of lap 14 but gathered it back in without losing place. The white flag fluttered and the field ran in order around the final lap to the checkers, bringing Tessier to two wins in as many weeks.