Taylor Bowser was loose coming out of turn four on the first lap of the SYRA 750 feature as just ahead, the outside polesitter, Christine Cavallaro spun in front of the starter stand. Shelby Donavan spun up near the wall between the turn and the strip and Kaitlyn Donovan ground to a stop just short of her sister. Cavallaro’s car had to be lifted from the track by the wrecker, as she took a ride to be checked at the pit care center.

The full race restart had Ashley Kuhn lined up with Lougee; Bowser and Curtis Rolando followed with Kaitlyn Donovan in the third row. Lougee and Bowser came battling side-by-side as Kuhn’s car was loose out of turn four, leading to a three-wide with Kuhn in the middle. Lougee took the lead into lap two, but Bowser came back to take the spot on lap three. Rolando suffered mechanical problems and limped to the pits trailing sparks – which had been evident since the caution — on the same circuit.

By lap five, the field was set for the finish of the twenty-lap feature with Bowser, Lougee, Kuhn and Kaitlyn engaging in a furious parade to the finish. Points leader, Rolando, finished fifth, 17 laps down. Cavallaro and Shelby Donovan finished off the board.

1) Taylor Bowser 2) Dave Lougee 3) Ashley Kuhn 4) Kaitlyn Donovan 5) Curtis Rolando 6) Christine Cavallaro 7)