Scott Bruneau worked his way up from sixth and into the lead on lap ten, then ran the final 20 laps to the finish at the front. On the way up, he engaged Adam Petty, who started seventh, in a duel for supremacy. Petty pursued him over the balance of the race to finish second, just ahead of Kyle Casper. Vinny Pangelinan and Tyler Lallier rounded out the top five.

Chris Gomes and Pangelinan came off the pole and Gomes nosed ahead. Vinny stayed on the outside as Chris Rioux nosed under. Bruneau was behind them and as Rioux move ahead, he moved in under Pangelinan. Vinny looked to get back underneath but Bruneau shut the door.

Four laps in and Gomes had a five car lead. Pettey came up to grab fifth and the forward part of the field was already running single file. Bruneau looked under Rioux and took the position in turn three. Gomes’ lead was slipping and Bruneau was six cars back, trailing Rioux and Pettey, who looked underneath and edged Rioux back. But Craig Pianka went around to the infield bringing a caution on lap eight.

Gomes and Bruneau dashed out of the box and Chris got a nose and they went around into turn two, where Gomes took the front. Rioux got under Bruneau, then Pettey dived under them both for a three-wide. The group became unstable, setting up an accordion effect, which sent Paul Williams and Ant Kohler around. Kohler retired to the pits.

Second try at the restart had them wheel-to-wheel across the stripe until Bruneau pushed his nose out coming out of turn two. Gomes got loose and Bruneau leveraged it into leadership of the race. Pettey got under Gomes and Pangelinan came around the outside for another three wide. Petty nailed second and Vinny to third. Kyle Casper came up to get under Rioux, but Porkchop Erickson spun out off the front stretch. Erickson took it to the pits.

Bruneau and Petty were now side-by-side and they did some good paint trading coming out of the box. Bruneau escaped and Pangelinan ducked under Petty while behind them Rioux and Casper dueled. The field was stringing out and lap 16 saw the action turn into a high-speed chase. Rioux and Casper were still battling but Casper pulled ahead into fourth with eleven to go.

Bruneau had a two car advantage over Petty and Pangelinan ran third. Tyler Lallier was the next to get under Rioux and Corey Fanning was following, looking for an opening.

Bruneau increased his lead to three cars and Petty had five on Pangelinan. Casper was on his bumper. He stayed there, looking for a way around. With three to go he found it, as Vinny got loose. Casper nosed under and they ran side by side the rest of the way to the checkers.

At the finish, Bruneau had the win over Pettey and Casper edged Pangelinan with Lallier on their coattails.

Sixth went to Kid Chaos (Fanning), while Steve Axon, Tim Watson, Rioux and Austin Erickson rounded out the top ten.