Some great selfless acts in the Seekonk battle for truck supremacy this championship season. Following heat action, division leader Richie Murray suffered engine problems – the O8 wouldn’t start. Without power, the championship race would end and give the crown to Shaw by default. Instead, Brittany Campbell – in the middle of a late season which was gelling for her with increasing success – handed over the reins of her mount to Murray so that he could defend his lead in the standings. It is the second time in the late season that a Sport Trucks competitor has stepped up and loaned his vehicle to a fellow competitor. Three weeks ago, it was Darryl Church turning over the keys to Barry Shaw after he was spun into the wall. On this championship evening both the leader and his pursuer were battling for the grand prize in rides donated by friends and competitors. Both Brittany Campbell and Darryl Church have shown themselves as worthy, sports-minded competitors and the highest of congratulations are in order.