Lenfender Lenny Sousa broke from an outside pole restart on lap four to grab a quick, three-car lead over Max Bergstrom, then spent the rest of the 20 laps fending off an insistent Greg Perry to claim his first win on the new season. Perry unloaded his bag of tricks, but the swift Sousa was able to hold him off, aided in part by The Outlaw – Danny Massa who kept Perry busy by working to pry Perry out of second. Aaron Plemons and Doug Benoit filled out the top five.

Nick Mignone and Bergstrom led off from the getgo and after Marc Sienkiewicz spun to the turn four grass just two laps in, they went at it again. Bergstrom nosed ahead crossing the stripe as Sousa got under Mignone and Perry got side-by-side with The Outlaw. Suddenly third place went three-wide with Perry on the bottom, Mignone outside and Massa the meat in the sandwich. As it broke, Mignone backed out and Perry was looking under Massa. Mignone spun, collecting Amy Arsenault, who headed for the pits with right front damage. She was unable to return.

It was door-to-door across the stripe on the restart with Sousa jetting ahead in turn two. Perry was coming around high with Berstrom underneath. Lenny scooted to a three-car lead as they battled. But five laps in Alice Benoit was motionless near the wall in turn four, drawing caution.

Sousa and Perry came out of the box on the restart with Sousa grabbing the lead. Perry stayed outside to battle but it was called back for a Shayne Lambert spin. They restarted the same lap as the field had not made a lap and Sousa again went to the front. Perry remained a half-car back on the outside. They made the circuit before Bergstrom made contact with Perry after being bumped from behind, then went into the grass.

Another restart and Sousa had the numbers again, taking the lead. Again, Perry stayed outside to fight it out with him. He got loose in turn two and Sousa seized the moment to scoot ahead. Massa got in under Perry. They rushed up on Sousa’s bumper and the latter suddenly lost some speed. Perry went to the outside as Sousa came loose in the turn. But he recovered in turn three. Nevertheless, he was now on the low side of a three-wide which also included Perry and Massa. And Benoit was sitting in third, waiting to see what kind of advantage he might get as it broke down. Plemons, Ava Chouinard and Alice Benoit followed.

Sousa generated a one-car gap over Perry, who had Massa on his bumper with Benoit, Plemons, Chouinard and Benoit in hot pursuit. Lenny stretched the lead to two cars as Massa was all over Perry’s bumper.

The order remained the same under the white flag and through the final lap. As the dust settled, Souza collected the checkered flag for his victory lap.

Sixth went to Chouinard, followed by Mike Henriques, Tommy Blackwell, Cliff Avila and Mignone.