Lenny Sousa eased polesitter Kim Bickford out of second on lap our, then stubbornly pursued Gil Bradstreet for the lead through lap 13.  He knew he was in a brawl when his mirror showed Miranda, Shawn DeMello, Michael Glad and Gil Bradstreet bumper-to-bumper behind him.  Miranda elected to go wide around him and now DeMello closed on Lenny’s bumper.  The hacksaw came out as Miranda would run ahead on the backstretch, but Sousa would get it back through turns three and four.  Finally, Sousa once more pushed past and Miranda fell back, allowing Glad into second.  Miranda settled into third, ahead of Demello and Henry Lavallee.  Bradstreet was now sixth, just ahead of David Westgate.

The final three laps to the checkers ran in order with Sousa just three tenths of a second ahead of Glad.

At the start, Kim Bickford led off with Micholas Mattera on her shoulder.  She ran to the front as Bradstreet ran under Mattera into second.

But Westgate, DeMello and Miranda were in a firefight and they got together just past the start-finish line, bringing out the caution.  Miranda immediately ran to the pits for repairs with a good deal of damage.

The lap one restart had Bickford and Bradstreet leading off with Bob Henry and Mattera in the second row.  Bickord went ahead out of turn two.  In the pack, Glen Leduc spun, saved it, bounced off another car and saved it again.  The race continued.  Bradstreet got by Bickford, and by lap our had a five car lead over Henry, Sousa, Bickford and Mattera.  Mattera then got underneath and deprived Bickford of fourth.

Bradstreen had an eight car lead by lap seven, but Miranda was beginning to move and took over seventh by lap eight.  On the next lap, Sousa took over second, coming off the top of a wild three-wide situation.  On the next circuit, Miranda moved in behind him, getting around DeMello.

A three-wide decided fifth between David Gargaro on the high side, Henry in the middle of the sandwich and Glad on the low side with Glad taking the slot and Gargaro sixth.  Lap fourteen saw Sousa leading Miranda, Bradstreet, DeMello and Glad.  One more time around and Demello had gone to third and Glad to fourth.

Glad ran to second as the race closed and DeMello pulled in behind Miranda.

Sousa was followed by Glad, Miranda, DeMello, Henry Lavallee, and Bradstreet.  Rounding out the top ten were Westgate, Eric Pelletirer, Gargara and Bickford.