Reese Bogue came off the outside of the second row, waited a lap while Brenden LeBelle slid into third from the low side. Ahead of them, Adam Harrison powered off the pole into the lead. LeBelle and Rob Murphy, Jr. pitched and yawed over second, running side-by-side until Murphy came loose for a moment. While he corrected, LeBelle and Smilin’ Reese took over second and third, respectively.

Harrison was three cars out by lap three bit LeBelle closed the gap in a rapid move as the field encountered the first lapped vehicle. They ran 1-2 into lap five with Bogue in hot pursuit. They got wheel-to-wheel and LeBelle nosed infront taking over on lap five. Harrison spun, bringing out caution, bringing Bogue up onto LeBelle’s high side for the restart.

Bogue was able to dash out into the lead while PJ Evans, winner the last time out, dodged past Ethan Dion and Ryan Vanasse, Jr. into third. Dion continued in fourth, ardently disputed by Vanasse.

Reese ran out to a ten-car lead with five laps remaining, while behind him LeBelle was four lengths ahead of Evans who was leading a three-car nose-to-tail also featuring Dion and Vanasse, Jr. Collin Vanasse was closing on the trio.

Ryan was running in the second groove and repeatedly looking to go past Dion on the high side, coming alongside then watching Dion pull back ahead. They battled this way over the final laps.

Harrison had worked his way back up after restarting at the rear after his spin, to chase Collin down to the finish line.

Bogue continued to run hard, all the way through the checkers and LeBelle was unable to close in. He grabbed second, followed by Evans while Dion and Ryan Vanasse rounded out the top five.

Collin Vanasse Outlasted Harrison for fifth, and he was followed across by Harrison. Then came Mike Hanafin, Cacarias Kelley, Rob Murphy and Brent Robidoux was the last car running. Brandon Cowen and Colin Floyd had been forced to the pits after three laps.