Is Reese Bogue sneaking looks at Dave Darling’s playbook? This time out, he gathered up his fifth win on the season and seems to have Seekonk well in hand. It wasn’t quite as easy as usual for Smilin’ Reese, as Brody Monahan and PJ Evans combined to buzz about alongside and at his bumper throughout the feature, but Bogue held his line throughout the chaos and ducked under the checkers for number five with Monahan literally glued to his back bumper. And Evans was all over them both at the stripe. They finished 1-2-3 in that order with Brenden LeBelle and Ryan Vanasse, Jr. rounding out the top five.

After five wins, Smilin’ Reese came out of the car following his victory lap and climbed to the roof to do a victory dance with his signature of holding up a hand with five fingers showing, one for each of his wins, showing he’s as adept a showman as he is a driver.

` At the get go, he was on the low side of row four. Rob Murphy, Jr. and Vanasse made up the front row and ran wheel-to-wheel out of the starting box. Reese stormed ahead and as Murphy pulled ahead, he and Collin Vanasse dived under Ryan for a three-wide. Collin destabilized in the middle as Reese and Ryan shot ahead. Collin came loose and went around in turn two.

The Lap One restart had Murphy and Ryan again at the front with Reese and Monahan at their backs. Row three had LeBelle and Evans, already the stage was set for the aerial dogfight to come.

Again they went door-to-door with Ryan getting high through the turn. Bogue edged into third with Monahan hanging on outside. Another time around, and Bogue was at Murphy’s bumper and Monahan was figuring away around Bogue and took a look underneath as Evans jetted around and into third with LeBelle grabbing fourth. Monahan dueled with Evans over the lost position, looked underneath and dived in. But Evans pulled ahead.

Five laps in and Bogue pursued Murphy as Monahan and Evans were side-by-side behind them. LeBelle, Ryan and Joey LeMay. Bogue was all over Murphy’s bumper as they approached the suddenly-slowing car of Mike Hanafin. As they dodged around Mike, Murphy fell back. Bogue grabbed the lead, Monahan jumped onto his bumper and Evans shot in with LeBelle ducking under Murphy, who was now being victimized as the outside car. The race was turning into a real dustup.

With four laps to go, the three leaders – Bogue, Monahan and Evans – were grinding it out, nose-to-tail. The next two laps were a gritty challenge to the drivers to keep straight and avoid mistakes. The wound into lap 13 and the trio at the front was separated by about a half-car, with LeBelle running third and Murphy having settled into fourth. Ryan and LeMay were pursuing with abandon.

Coming through turn four, heading for the white flag, Monahan was on Bogue’s bumper. Reese loosened a bit and wiggled, but held on to the lead. The front of the pack now began to enter a crowd of lapped traffic. Monahan was still threatening to take the lead away as they came through the group in turn four and headed toward the checkers.

The trio dived toward the stripe with abandon and charged under the checkers – Bogue, Monahan then Evans. It was Reese-redundant with win number five when the dust had settled.

Sixth on the evening went to Murphy, followed by Ethan Dion, Colllin Vanasse and Joel Newcomb, Brent Robidoux completed the top ten.