2021 iRacing Road Trip Tour

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GENERAL STATEMENT : The rules and regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the

orderly conduct of racing events on a virtual platform in the same means as they are in real life.

These rules shall govern the condition for all virtual Seekonk Speedway events, and by

participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.

MISSION STATEMENT : It is the Seekonk Speedway’s intent to promote a visually appealing form

of entertainment on a virtual platform that sponsors and fans alike may benefit from and

ultimately the ever-expanding sport of auto racing. It is the responsibility of all participants to

provide a visually appealing and uniform appearance for all vehicles.

REGISTRATIONS & LICENSES : Anyone who participates in any Seekonk iRacing virtual event

must be registered to the league on iRacing to receive points and prize money when given.

Special events may have different rules. The speedway reserves the right to reject or revoke any

league member or application at any time.


Points will be awarded to the driver for feature races only. To be eligible for points, driver must

start in said events. Only scheduled points races will count towards the point tally. Special events

may not, unless otherwise noted by track management. In case of ties, ties will be broken by

using the greatest number of 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , etc. until the tie is broken.


50 – 48 – 46 – 44 – 42 – 40 – 38 – 36 – 34 – 32 – 30 – 28 – 26 – 24 – 22 – 20 – 18 – 16 – 14 – 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 –

2 Two points to every position past 24 th .


The qualifications for drivers to be able to compete have been adjusted slightly from 2020. In order to be eligible for the six-race tour, drivers must fit one of the major categories below. The final decision on whether a driver meets the category will be made by race control.

* 2021 Seekonk Speedway Registered Drivers

* 2020 Seekonk Speedway Registered Drivers

* Previous full-time Seekonk competitors

* Immediate crew members on weekly Seekonk cars (owner, crew chief, spotter, mechanic)

* Seekonk Speedway Staff Members (past or present)

registered and paid for 2020 or part of the immediate crew members of those registered

and paid for 2020.

For all races, a heat race format will be determined and used to set the starting lineup for each

feature race. Heat races will be lined up by a random draw produced by the iRacing system. The

feature lineup will be determined by the finishing results of heat races. Seekonk Speedway has

the right to add a random invert into each starting lineup with no more than 10 cars included in

said invert. Drivers must run in a heat race or consolation race in order to be considered eligible

to start the feature race. The number of qualified cars through each heat and consolation race will

be determined by race promoters and admins. The track reserves the right to add a promoter

provisional to any event at any time. Each feature event will have no more than 26 cars that take

the green flag.

DRIVER’S MEETING : All participants must attend scheduled drivers meetings in the iRacing

server prior to the start of each race event. All directions must be followed to the best of the

participant’s ability as given by race control.


5.1 When an accident occurs or a race is under caution for any reason, all cars not involved MUST

follow directions provided by the iRacing server on their screen.

5.2 *Accident Car Rule* Any car involved in an accident and stops on the track will be placed to

the rear of the field. A car that has stopped to avoid an accident may be given their spot back from

their last completed lap by the iRacing server. Administers of the session do not have the control

to reset the lineup if someone has stopped to avoid. If they are being given their position, it will be

allowed. If they are not, they must fall in where the server asks. Any driver that is deemed to be at

fault for the accident, or involved in the accident, will be given a EOL (end of line) penalty to the

tail end of the field. Race Control shall be the final authority on whether a car is considered to

have avoided, been involved or caused an accident.

5.3 *Blinking Car Rules* Any car that is deemed to be blinking on the track (suffering from an

Internet issue) will be given a warning the first time. On a third occasion, a car will be forced to

serve a 30 second penalty in their pit stall. If there are more than three occasions, said car will be

asked to park the car for the remainder of the race. Race Control shall be the final authority on

whether a car is considered to have a blinking issue.

5.4 *Race Chatter Microphones During Session* General chatter should be kept to an absolute

minimum during race sessions and should be reserved for race related communications only.

This includes during cautions to insure that drivers can address Race Control if necessary. Any

negative chatter towards another driver or the race event will not be tolerated. Any driver deemed

to have produced negative chatter will have their chat muted for the remainder of the race event.


6.1 START OF RACE: Once any car enters the grid of the race they are considered to have started

the race and will be placed in the finishing order. Any car that does not take the first green flag

start of the race can enter the event if they are already in the server at anytime, keeping to the

bottom of the track and out of the way of upcoming cars. Any driver that does not make it into the

iRacing server in enough time before the green flag is dropped will not be eligible to compete in

said event.

6.2 ALTERNATE CARS: Alternate cars will be determined based of qualifying results. If any of the

said original cars scheduled to start the race forfeit their position in the field, the first alternate will

be added to the server and the grid. Any driver who qualifies into an event but is not going to

make the eventual green flag must make race control aware prior to the launch of the race

session. Any driver who fails to share with race control that they are not going to make the race

they qualified into is subject to points penalty.

6.3 LAP COMPLETION: iRacing servers control all lineups unless race control is sending

someone to the tail of the field. Competitors must be in the understanding that the computer does

make mistakes on occasion and race control will have no way to change it in the race session.

6.4 STARTS: Control of restarts, including the initial start of each heat race, consolation race and

feature event, is on the polesitter of said event. Pole position will have control once the pace car

drops all four tires off the racing surface. If the green lights come on, and the server throws the

green flag, the race is underway. The outside polesitter may beat the pole car to the line if restart

procedures are correctly followed. Any driver who fails to restart correctly may be issued a

penalty by Race Control. In all races, the number one and two positions must maintain a steady

pace with the pace car. In the event of a false start, race control has the right to throw a caution

flag and attempt the start again. Any drivers in rows two on back must maintain position behind

the car in front of them until they have crossed the start/finish line. Any driver that receives a

black flag through iRacing for a restart violation must serve the penalty.

6.6 LAPPED CARS: In a lapped car situation, car/cars are asked to comply out of courtesy and

safety and pull to the outside of the track with care and let leaders pass. Drivers that are going a

lap down also have the right to race for their position on the track. Race Control may elect to ask a

driver in the server to move aside for lead cars if they are about to be lapped. Race Control may

elect to penalize a driver or remove them from the race if they are constantly blocking lead lap

cars and are laps down.

6.7 TWO CAUTION RULE: Any driver that is involved in two (2) incidents on their own resulting in

a caution they will be black flagged from that event and sent to the pits . Cars stopping to avoid an

accident or get spun by another car will not be considered under this rule. Race Control makes

determination on any black flag. This is for feature events and any qualifying races.

6.9 LINEUPS: All cars will be randomly lined up in a heat race format through the iRacing service.

All qualifying lineups are randomized and not created by Race Control. Feature race lineups will

be determined by Race Control based on qualifying racing results.

6.10 RACE DISTANCE: All races will be run until the leader has completed the advertised distance.

In the event of a caution that pushes the race past advertised distance, drivers will partake in one

green-white-checkered attempt. If a caution comes out during the GWC attempt, the race will be

deemed complete.

6.11 SINGLE FILE STARTS: During any race event, Race Control may choose to go to single file

restart as conditions determined and will may remain single file for the remainder of the event.

Race Control has the authority to turn restarts back to double file if deemed appropriate.

6.12 RACE FINISHING ORDER: Race officials have the right to change the results of the race as

they are shown in the iRacing platform based on any penalties that need to be administered. All

full updated list of results will be provided to competitors once completed.

6.12 RACE CARS, SETUPS, TIRES, LAPS: Each of these will be determined on an event basis.

Seekonk Speedway iRacing officials have the right to select any car on iRacing to compete with.

All setups used for all events will be fixed. Every driver will use the same setup. Allotted amounts

of tires and lap distances will be determined by event.


Penalties for violation of Seekonk Speedway iRacing virtual rules are determined by the gravity of

the violation and its effects on the fairness of the competition, the orderly conduct of the event,

and in the interest of stock car racing. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to,

disqualification, suspension or revoke of membership privileges, and/or loss of points. A

suspension may be total or it may be limited to a suspension of privileges for a specific amount of


Race Control will use the following as guidelines for the imposition of penalties in the situations

described below, but may assess a greater or lesser penalty depending upon the severity of the


8.1 When such penalties as event suspensions are given, they must be served on completed point

races for that division. PROBATION means starting at the rear of the field for qualifying race

and/or feature race, determined by Race Control. All drivers will be made aware of penalties after

and during race events.

The following guidelines will be used:

Rough Riding or Excessive Contact

A – Repositioning to the rear of the field. B – One Lap Penalty in server. C – DQ from race event

Intentional Contact after Race Completion or Under Caution

A – Immediate disqualification from race event.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct A – One event Probation. B – One event suspension. C – Removal from

iRacing league.

8.4 Any member who participates in a fight(s) or incites any fight(s) and/or threatens to do bodily

harm to any official or another member.

1st offense – One event suspension

2nd offense – Two race suspension

3rd offense – Removal from league events

8.6 *Any participant found to be engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior or any inappropriate

behavior towards Race Control or another participant may be subject to penalties including

disqualifications, suspensions and removal from the league. This includes any aggressive actions

including arguing, yelling, cursing or raising your voice when talking to Race Control.



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1. Ryan Kuhn33044505050504838
2. Ryan Doucette30046364246464440
3. Brandon Wilkinson230504848444000
4. Thomas Axsom228034460485050
5. Jake Matheson224384644480048
6. PJ Evans222404240444646
7. Richie Murray20628141242422642
8. Trent Goodrow19622123232323234
9. Chase Belcher166018028364044
10. Reese Bogue1646243026283020
11. Richard Regan Jr.15648384030000
12. Nick Wood1502202222263622
13. Brad Sousa144241436203830
14. Tom Scully III13222383802824
15. Mason Tessier12618228403800
16. Ty LeClerc920320004218
17. Kyle Casper8600210162236
18. Karlin Levesque802422034000
19. Giovanni Ruggerio76040360000
20. Derek Gluchacki72423000000
21. Austin Flanagan70206003428
22. Ryan Vanasse Jr.6620210161800
22. Jake Silvia64343000000
23. Tyler Alkas640018123400
24. Mike Floyd622016180026
25. Robert Rund621610342000
26. Dave Gargaro Jr.58322600000
27. Reagan Parent58302800000
28. Tyler Tomassi52361600000
29. Andrew Gomes52802420000
30. Jake Johnson48262200000
31. Dylan Estrella4028003000
32. Steve Bowden38102260000
33. Collin Vanasse38140002400
34. Jake Kleamovich3420000032
35. Sam Lincoln24000000
36. Danny Massa240002400
37. Evan Marchand220000220
38. Darryl Church140001400
39. Jimmy "Pepe" Silvia141220000
40. Joe Kohler6060000
41. Brittany Campbell4220000
42. Jake Vanada4220000
43. Josh Parsons4400000
44. Adam G2200000
45. Ben Amado2200000
46. Dave Simpson2200000
47. Devin Deshaies2200000
48. Nate McCombe2200000
50. Ethan Souza2200000
51. Elias Dib2200000

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Seekonk Speedway TV

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