Barry Shaw continued his winning ways with a convincing third win of the season. The Abington Accelerator had just one need on the feature: KEEP PERRY AWAY! It took Barry three laps to get by polesitter Lenny Guy and then another three for Ed Perry to do the same. Shaw kept three or four cars between himself and the dangerous Perry but Ed closed it up to just a half-carlength as the two-to-go sticks were shown from the flagstand, so it wasn’t over, yet. Shaw hustled across the stripe with Perry on his back for second just two circuits later and both were finally able to collect their breaths.

Andrew Kun grabbed third place, and a pair of rookies – Richie Murray and Mikey Cooper (both winners, already, here in the early midseason) rounded out the top five. The win boosts Shaw to second in the division, but Murray’s fourth tightens his hold on the division lead, ten points ahead of the veteran. They lead Kun, Perry Cooper and Guy in that order.

Guy and Cooper shared the front row at the start with Shaw and Mike Cavallaro in row two. At the start, Guy pulled ahead and Shaw ran under Cooper, who dropped into third. Two laps in, Cavallaro spun and Shaw was outside Guy for the restart with Cooper and Murray behind them, followed by Perry and Connor Souza. Guy and Shaw engaged in some wheel-to-wheel while Perry dived underneath to make the second row three-wide with Cooper in the middle and Murray on the high side. Perry survived to grab third, Sousa took advantage to get into third while Murray ran on Cooper’s low side. Moments later, caution flew for debris in turn one.

Shaw had a nose past Guy and earned the right to the pole for the restart. Putting Lenny outside now put Perry on Shaw’s bumper and Souza on the outside. Next came Cooper and Murray. The leaders battled into turn four and Shaw then pulled ahead down the frontstretch. Perry went under guy while Cooper ducked under Souza, ahead of Murray, Kun, Nick Testone II and Tim Watson. Over the next two laps, Shaw generated a three-car lead before Guy spun in turn two.

Again, Shaw pulled away from Perry, who dropped in. Cavallaro moved up between Cooper and Souza. Another two laps saw Shaw with a four-car lead over Perry. Kun came past Cavallaro and Murray fixed on his rear bumper.

By lap 12, Kun was running under Cooper for third and they ran side-by-side for two laps before Kun took an advantage in turn one. Murray, meanwhile, ducked under Cooper and took fourth. Cavallaro, Souza and Guy followed Cooper.

Maddie Harkin retired to the pits with seven laps to go and Perry cut Shaw’s lead to two cars. The middle of the pack was becoming conteuntious as Cooper, Cavallaro and Souza were nose-to-tail looking for fifth with four laps to go. Twice more around and Perry was just a half-length off Shaw’s bumper with Kun in pursuit and Murray threatening him.

The White Flag Lap had Perry on Shaw’s tailgate and he took a look under coming off turn four heading for the checkers. But Shaw had saved a few rpm’s and rushed across the stripe for the win.

Sixth went to Cavallaro, followed by Souza, Guy, Testone, Watson and Harkin.