By Souza Media/Kyle Souza
SEEKONK, Mass. — It was likely one of the hardest wins of DJ Shaw’s Pro All Star Series career, but it was a well earned checkered flag.
After a 150-lap race at the DAV Fall Classic that took over two hours to complete due to an early rain delay, Shaw passed Tom Scully Jr and Dave Darling to take the lead and the eventual win in the final laps at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday, September 25.
The race included early chaos — with more than 10 cars piled up in turn two before things really got underway. Then, rain came, soaking down the track and forcing teams into the pit area for a quick break. Upon return, Darling passed Angelo Belsito for the lead, and the eight-time Seekonk champion looked to be heading back to Victory Lane. But it was Shaw who charged to the front late, passing Darling to take the win, while Darling and Scully finished the podium, representing Seekonk in style.
Jake Matheson, another former Seekonk champion, finished fourth, while Belsito was fifth. Positions two through six were held by former Seekonk Speedway champions, as Ryan Kuhn finished sixth. Eddie MacDonald was seventh, followed by another former Seekonk champion, Dylan Estrella, in eighth. Dan Winter and former Late Model champion Bobby Pelland finished the top-10. In the end, seven of the top-10 were track champions.
The Pro All Star Series will move onto Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park for the Sunoco World Series on Saturday, October 9. They will be back at Seekonk Speedway for a 100-lap race at the Haunted Hundred on Saturday, October 23.