Barry Shaw earned himself another trip to victory lane by battling up from a seventh place start to unseat from Connor Souza on Lap 14. From there, he kept the persistent Souza out of the lead the remainder of the 25-lap feature. Souza fired in for second less than a second off Shaw’s pace. Lenny Guy, points leader Richie Murray and Mikey Cooper rounded out the top five.

Nick Testone III had one of his best starts ever, coming off the pole and raging at the front for eight laps before being forced out with difficulties. Testone came off the pole and dodged away from Lenny Guy. Souza and Maddie Harkin went wheel-to-wheel before Souza grabbed third. Shaw and Cooper ran side-by-side behind Souza, followed by Ed Perry working under Cooper. But Anastasia LeBrun spun out near the strip, bringing a lap three restart.

Testone and Guy were side-by-side again, with Souza and Shaw behind them. Testone got his hose ahead, then grabbed the full lead in turn two. Souza got under Guy and Shaw dropped in ahead of Cooper and Perry.

Souza stole second from Guy and Shaw ducked under him as well. Barry grabbed third and went onto Souza’s bumper as Testone put three cars between him and Souza. Another time around and it was five cars. Cooper had disengaged from Perry and now ran fifth behind Guy. Perry ran hard and took the spot back as Murray arrived behind Cooper. Darryl Church, at last getting a night back on the speedway, followed Murray; Brittany Campbell pursued him, ahead of Mike Cavallaro and Harkin.

Eight laps in, Testone suddenly lost speed and took it up to the wall to limp to the pits. Souza grabbed the lead. Next time around and Shaw was looking underneath Souza as Guy followed, twenty cars up on Perry, who had Cooper at his back. Shaw continued to seek a way around as Cooper went in under Perry.

Thirteen laps remained as Shaw went to Souza’s high side and began to push forward. Another time around and the came across the stripe door-to-door. It stayed that way for the lap, then Shaw stuck his nose ahead coming across that line. Souza wasn’t done. He came back dead even. They hacksawed the lead while behind them Murray got under Cooper and into fourth.

With eight laps to go, Shaw took the front in turn one, took a bump, came loose and saved it. Souza chased, but Shaw used the next two circuits to put three lengths between them. Guy continued in third with Murray looking him over from fourth followed by Cooper, Church, Cavallaro and Perry.

With three laps to go, Shaw still held his advantage but Murray was all over Guy’s bumper looking for third place. Through the white flag lap he looked to the outside and then under, but Guy was not having any and held him off.

Sixth went to Church, followed by Campbell, Cavallaro, Tom Watson and Ed Perry.