Scott Serydynski, Sr. was in the right place to claim the checkers as leader Ant Kohler’s rear end snapped out coming out of turn four, headed for the checkers. The pack’s mad scramble saw Serydynski able to squeeze past the carnage and Kid Chaos, Cory Fanning into the lead as they crossed the stripe. Fanning held on for second Scott Bruneau wedged his way in for third, passing Vinny Pangelinan through the spinning mess of cars and Tom The Bomb Adams followed Pangelinan in fifth.

Back in the pack, the insanity caught Rob Murphy who went up into the wall and onto his side with Sparky Arsenault spinning in beside him.

Still, Murphy and Arsenault finished in the top ten – at eighth and ninth respectively and just ahead of Jesse Melberg. Kohler slid sideways across the line to finish sixth, just ahead of the other Kohler – Smokin’ Joe – with whom he had dueled for the lead for most of the feature.

The Kohlers started side-by-side on the front row and battled for the lead until Anthony was able to edge ahead. Behind them, Arsenault forced a three-wide by ducking under Paul Williams and Pangelinan who were battling door to door. Williams fell back and Serydynski got to the outside on Pangelinan and they battled, hacksawing the lead.
Murphy and Williams got locked together and ground to a halt in turn four. Both went to the pits for quick repairs and returned.

Ant nosed away from Joe on the restart and Arsenault battled under Pangelinan before taking third. Serydynski now came under Vinny and they fought it out again. As the Kohlers moved ahead, Arsenault, Serydynski and Pangelinan ran tight on each others’ bumpers while Paul Lallier and Fanning did the same on their tails.

Serydynski was able to nose out on Vinny, but couldn’t get around Arsenault and Pangelinan pulled back alongside. Suddenly, Williams blew with a huge cloud of white smoke. Mercifully, no fluids were dumped.

Ant and Smoke lined up again for lap 15 and they went wheel-to-wheel. But The Cyclone, Steve Potter, got sideways and collected Ed Flanagan, who had nowhere to go.

The Kohlers went at it again, but this time Serydynski was able to get past Joe onto Ant’s bumper. Fanning was in third, crowding them both and they rocketed through to the final lap, where Ant’s back end snapped out, heading for the checkers.