By Kyle Souza 
SEEKONK, Mass. — Seekonk Speedway is pleased to announce a new partnership with RPM Racing Engines in Georgia, Vermont, for the 2020 season. Seekonk competitors will be joining the RPM Seal Alliance program, effective immediately.
The RPM Seal Alliance Program, created by Rick Paya, is a cost-effective way for competitors to rebuild crate engines. Multiple of Seekonk’s divisions compete with crate engines. The seal alliance program services multiple motors from across the Northeast, such as, 602, 603, 604, 347JR and 347SR Crates.
It is important to note that any seals put in place by Nat’s Racing Engines previously will still be allowed to compete under no penalty. However, going forward, the team at Nat’s will utilize the RPM Seal Alliance Program on all motors.
The program started six years and has flourished since, with more than 450 motors currently in the program. Rick is a successful crew chief himself, which adds another dimension to the program. He knows race cars better than most.
“We created our own program from scratch,” Rick Paya said. “It took us about three months to design it at first. Six years later, here we are. I think it’s the best program in the country.”
“It makes it much more cost-effective to rebuild crate motors, we are trying to keep the cost down and make racing more affordable,” Paya continued. “Instead of buying new motors every few years, we want racers to be able to rebuild every few years.”
Seekonk is pleased to join the seal program, which will help all competitors involved.
“We feel we were at the right point to continue the evolution of trying to make motor programs even across the region,” David Alburn, Seekonk’s Competition Director, said. “We wanted to move our track closer to a uniform engine seal package that will incorporate others as well. It’s the right time.”
The following are current approved Engine Builders in the RPM seal program:
  • RPM Racing Engines — Vermont
  • Nat’s Racing Engines – Massachusetts
  • Larry’s Auto Machine – Connecticut
  • Redline Performance – Maine
  • R.A.D. Auto Machine – Massachusetts
  • S&S Performance – Maine
  • Mac Pro Shop – Quebec, Canada
  • Thayer’s Automotive — Maine

“I agree with David, it’s the right time to get the Pro Stock program closer to what others are running in the area,” Nat Chiavettone, owner of Nat’s Racing Engines, said.

For more information regarding the RPM Engine Seal Alliance Program, competitors are asked to contact RPM Engines at 802-524-7406 or any of the approved engine builders.