For the second straight year, Seekonk Grand Prix sponsors the Fast Friday Bandolero class for 2018. The Bandolero class debuted last year, with the Bandits and the Outlaws both competing in their own 15-lap feature each week. Now, after an offseason filled with optimism, the division is back with plenty of entries heading into the new year, and the action on the track is about to get underway.

Names like Connor Souza, Evan Marchand, Nick Hovey and Devin Dashaies are among the drivers who went to Victory Lane last year, and they are set to return for competition. Deshaies found himself at the championship table after a dominant 2017, and names like Hovey found themselves in the winner’s circle multiple times. The Bandolero provides Seekonk a look into the future as part of the Seekonk Youth Racing Association.

The Bandolero season will also bring in the next group in the Vanasse family. Ryan Vanasse, who competes full-time in the NASCAR Saturday night Pro Stock division, finds himself preparing a car for Collin Vanasse. If the past is any indication, look out for Collin — not only this season — but down the line in the future. The Vanasse name seems to have the talent to get the job done on the track.

Names like Riley Caron, Giovanni Ruggerio, Phillip Evans, Nathan Smith and Ryan Arieta are also entered for competition this season. The defending Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series champion, Tyler Tomassi, is also on the early list.

The Bandolero season gets underway on Friday, June 1, as part of the Fast Friday opening night.