The Senior Set took to the top of the order in Sport Trucks as Scott Dion and Rick Martin slashed away at each other in a deadly duel for glory over the final six laps.  This followed a battle of the Dions as Scott had slid in behind son Branden to spar for the lead at the midpoint of the race on a lap 12 restart.  Father overcame son on lap 20 after running side-by side for several laps.  Martin nosed in under the duo for a three wide then backed out, but the turbulence of the move gave Scott the advantage to get to the front from the outside.  Branden fell back, took a bump from Martin on lap eighteen, then was forced to allow him underneath on lap 20 and set up the duel for the win.

Lenny Guy jumped off the outside pole at the start, past Darryl Church, who bogged the start.  Anna Gregoire and Nick Uhrig were wheel-to-wheel behind them, with Rob Murphy outside Branden in pursuit.  Church locked onto Guy’s bumper before Mike Duarte’s solo loop in turn four brought out the caution.

It took two attempts to restart, but finally, Guy was away again, leading Uhrig and Church as Branden looked underneath for third.  But Murphy jammed through under Branden and took third with Martin on his bumper.  They played bumper tag and Murphy executed a 360 spin on the frontstretch, continued and then did a 180 on the backstretch, coming to a halt facing against the flow and bringing out caution. Both retired to the rear for the restart.

On the green, Guy escaped from Uhrig while Brandon looked underneath to steal second.  John Paiva followed through beneath Uhrig on Dion’s bumper with Barry Shaw on his tail.  Branden wound up, dropped to shut the door but his momentum forced him high out of the groove.   Paiva charged ahead and attempted an underneath move on Guy.  But Paiva made contact and Guy spun.  Paiva braked to avoid the spinning Guy.  Shaw had no warning and blasted in, climbing the side of Paiva’s bed.  Paiva made for the pits, but Guy rolled up alongside as he waited to head in for some quick words.

The Dions held the front on the restart with Martin and Uhrig behind them.  Murphy leapt past Uhrig from the third row as Martin looked to solve the front wall of Dion and Dion before Rob Rainville looped and died on the backstetch.  They restarted again on lap 14 with the same front four, followed by Murphy and Church, then Dan Leach and Mike Cavallaro.  Cavallaro was able to solve Church and Branden for fifth as Paiva slid in behind him to finish sixth.  Church, David Haywood, Branden and Dan Leach completed the top ten.