Samantha Dell continued her meteoric rise in Bandolero Outlaws by claiming her third win in a row – with the initial victory being her first trip to Victory Lane as an Outlaw. The win snapped a numerical tie for leadership in the championship chase as co-leader Giovanni Ruggerio was fifth on the evening.

She started eighth on the field, a consequence of her two previous wins, She used some very stylish driving to forge her way to the lead on lap three, and held it for the rest of the fifteen-lap feature.

Isaiah Newcomb spent the latter part of the race trying to chase her down, but in the end was forced to settle for second. Nathan Smith continued his residence in the top five with a third, followed by Joey LeMay and Ruggerio.

Stephen Bowden and Ethan Heilborn led off and Bowden got the jump coming out of the starting box. However, before they could complete a lap, caution flew. Newcomb spun out of turn one and took Riley Caron up to the wall. Caron lost his entire rear body – which had happened to him two weeks earlier at about the same location on the track. As before, this ended Riley’s evening. Bowden was called for the assist on Newcomb.

They re-lined for the full-race restart and this time LeMay got his nose out first and had the lead in turn one. Heilborn got very high and held on into lap two. Aubrey Keller, Cameron Tavares and Smith pursued. Dell was looking under Smith as Newcomb came up on the outside to make it three-wide.

Dell converted it into an opportunity and jumped ahead down the backstretch, streaking under Tavares and Keller into third. Caution flew and the lap 13 restart had LeMay and Heilborn ahead of Dell and Tavares. Smith and Keller were row three.

LeMay nosed out again and Dell latched onto his bumper to ride in under Heilborn. Smith followed up by ducking under Heilborn as Dell took control of second. He then jumped up on Dell’s high side before dropping into third. Newcomb then eased Heilborn back to fifth.

Lap three saw Dell nose underneath LeMay for some door-to-door as they crossed the stripe and she grabbed the front in turn one of lap four. But Keller then spun in turn four.

Dell had the pole with LeMay on her shoulder for the restart. Smith was at her back with Newcomb outside; Heilborn and Ruggerio were row three. Bowden had worked his way up to row four under Tavares.

Dell grabbed the lead and Smith ducked under LeMay into second in turn two. Newcomb took advantage as well, forcing LeMay to drop into fourth. By lap five, Del had a two-car lead on Smith, who had Newcomb on his bumper. By the time they crossed the stripe again, the field was running single file and Dell was three up on Smith.

The long line of Outlaws became a game of pursuit, with each driver looking for an opportunity to initiate a pass. With all cars on afterburner, the opportunity was difficult to find.

Final pass of the event came on lap thirteen as Bowden and Tavares leveraged past Heilborn into sixth and seventh, respectively.

Dell kept up her relentless charge to the checkers over the closing laps with Smith bearing down to overtake, but it seemed that the checkers were too close to allow it. With two to go, she added a shade of distance to her lead for insurance sake then motored through the white flag circuit to nail down her third consecutive win. Smith came in a half-second later.

Bowden captured sixth, while the remainder of the top ten was covered by Tavares, Heilborn, Keller and Nicholas Rose.