Samantha Dell made it two-in-a-row after notching her first-ever win just a week earlier. This time around she held off one of her usual rivals in Nathan Smith and Joel Newcomb joined in with the battle. But Dell and Smith ran door-to-door on a green-white-checkered restart, then she pulled ahead in turn three. She grabbed the win with Smith collecting the runner-up spot. Newcomb, Stephen Bowden and Giovanni Ruggerio rounded out the top five.

Newcomb and Smith had the front row for the green with Riley Caron and Dell in row two. They ran door-to-door out of the starting box and then Newcomb nosed ahead in turn two. He fully commanded the lead in turn four. Smith had battled from the outside and this allowed Dell to get onto Newcomb’s bumper and underneath – and into second She quickly took a look underneath but Newcomb shot ahead into a one-car lead. Smith settled in behind Newcomb and Caron grabbed fourth. Dell closed up, looked under again and once more, Newcomb pulled away. Five laps in, Newcomb had a one-car lead.

Dell closed to his bumper again and again, Newcomb shot ahead in turn two.

With eight laps remaining, neither was done with their dueling and she closed back up and looked under again. Smith was at their backs, looking for an opportunity and awaiting the outcome of their conflict. This, time, however, Newcomb got loose and wiggled for a moment. That was all that Dell needed and she seized the moment to rush ahead. Smith sighted the opportunity and shot through into second in turn four. Newcomb recovered and dropped into third with Caron on his tail.

Lap 14 saw Dell move in to overtake Nicholas Rose, who did not move up and there was contact. As she dropped under and continued. Rose went around and Newcomb, Smith and Caron all spun to avoid a wreck.

The restart with six to go saw Dell and Smith cross the strip going wheel-to-wheel before Samantha edged her nose past in turn one and then grab the full ead in turn four. Newcomb jumped onto Dell’s bumper, sticking Nathan on the outside and they ran side-by-side, allowing the leader to escape. She generated a one-car lead as Newcomb moved to second, Smith ran third and Bowden claimed third just ahead of Giovanni Ruggerio. LeMay, Caron and Cameron Tavares followed.

They quickly went single-file and rolled under the white flag, but a turn two spin by Rose brought up a green-white-checkered restart. Dell and Newcomb lined up with Smith and Ruggerio in row two, followed by Bowden and LeMay.

The leaders crossed the stripe dead even before Dell took a nose in turn one. Again, she was in the lead in turn three. Smith got under Newcomb before he could drop and they battled under the white flag as Dell went out to a two-car lead. Smith took control of the runnerup spot in turn two.

Sixth on the event went to Tavares, followed by Joey Lemay, Riley Caron, Ethan Heilborn and Aubrey Keller.