Ryan Locke Nails Down Dave Steele Memorial Win

Young Ryan Locke continued the trend of younger drivers winning the big races as he passed Jake Trainor with three laps remaining in the 50-lap feature and held him off to the checkers to complete the dream sequence. Trainor and Locke had been 1-2 since lap twelve of the 50-lap extravaganza for NEMA Lite midgets. Anthony Marvuglio claimed third, Just ahead of NASCAR legend Ken Schrader, in town to help celebrate the Boston Louie Memorial Race for the full NEMA midgets. Fifth overall went to Randy Cabral, the only driver to ever win Four Boston Louie events.

Locke, in fact, earned his license to drive on the highways and byways just sixth months ago. Equally remarkable is that his opponent, Trainor, has just now graduated from eighth grade and won’t enter high school until September.

Locke jumped off the outside pole on Polesitter Ben Mikitarain and clung greedily to the position for 38 of the 50 circuits. Locke, meanwhile, had begun in the third row, with Schrader to his high side. On the first lap, he made his way to third, on Marvuglio’s tail as the field rapidly went single file. Mikitarain drove in under Locke but Ryan held him on the outside.

Five laps in, caution flew as Tiana Kibbe and Danny Gamache spun in turn two. Trainor and Marvuglio lined up again, with Trainor at the pole postion. Locke and Mikitarain made up the second row with Dominic Elicone and Cabral behind them. Schrader and Matt Janisch followed.

Trainor had the lead again, following some wheel-to-wheel action from the green. Locke got all over Marvuglio’s back bumper. Cabral pursued, looking for an opportunity. Schrader took the opportunity to duck under Mikitarain into into sixth behind Elicone.

Again the field narrowed down to single file until lap ten saw Matt Merry spin in the second turn. Trainor grabbed the lead coming across the stripe and Locke again looked underneath Marvuglio again. And they went wheel-to-wheel down the backstretch. Locke won the contest, while Cabral, Schrader and Janisch followed Marvuglio.

The action heated up as Locke applied pressure to the leader, but Trainor pulled into a three car lead. Locke poured on the coals and began to close, just as Calvin Carroll spun to bring out caution once more. The lap 32 restart had Trainor and Locke at the front, followed by Marvuglio and Cabral. Trainor leapt ahead over the stripe and Locke fought back, holding on outside. But Trainor pulled away to another three-car lead. Marvuglio, Cabral, Schrader and Janisch were arrayed behind them.

Jim Cataldo and Calvin Carroll now spun, on lap 36.

Trainor pulled away again and Murvuglio pushed in under Locke. But Ryan pulled away and got alongside Trainor for another duel over the lead. They were side-by-side for two laps until Locke pulled ahead in turn two on lap 37. He began to pull away and by lap 40, with ten to go, had a five-car lead. Trainor continued to press and Marvuglio ran third. But Schrader had gotten by Cabral into fourth.

The field again was quick to move into single-file running. Among the leaders, it became a 15-lap, high-speed pursuit to the checkers.

Sixth on the event was collected by Elicone, followed by Matt Janisch, Alan Chambers, Cataldo and Richie Coy.