Thomas Adams fired off the pole and then led all the challengers all the way to the finish in a Sportsman race that was over almost as soon as it began. The division ran caution-free so that not only Adams but the race itself both went green-to-checkers. Ryan Flood made a game of it, getting past Mr Fun, Craig Pianka into the runnerup spot on lap 10. Flood pursued the leader, but Adams was unyielding and crossed under the checkers five carlengths ahead. Flood earned second, followed by Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning. Steve Axon ran home fourth while Pianka rounded out the top five.

Adams nosed out on Tim Watson then took the lead in turn two. Dick Benoit got under Watson and took second crossing the stripe. Pianka grabbed thrid with Flood coming up behind him.

Sparky Arsenault and Jesse Melberg were engaged behind Flood, fighting for position as Paul Lallier waited behind them for a decision. Sparky took the position and Lallier rolled in under Melberg. The field stretched out single file.
Adams held Benoit at bay ahead of Flood while Sparky, running fourth, had Lallier looking underneath but unable to push in. He was able to get there but Arsenault would not give way. Fanning wne high around them and Scott Serydynski came up to debate position with Arsenault.

By lap 10, Adams had Pianka following, but Flood came past Benoit and then Pianka into second. Benoit settled into third and Pianka ran fourth.

Adams was running a straightaway ahead of Flood, who had Benoit, Pianka and Fanning in tow. Lap fourteen saw Fanning duck under Pianka into fourth on turn two.

By lap 18, Adams was encountering lapped traffic. Danny Cabral was encountering problems and took his car to the pits. And lap 20 saw Flood begin to lap the rearmost cars in the field. Fanning, running third, had Pianka locked onto his bumper while Axon had gone ahead of Arsenault.

Axon pushed in under Pianka; there was some paint traded and he came out in fourth. Pianka settled into fifth.
Flood had been able to close on Adams, but five cars remained between them and they rushed around the oval for the final six circuits with everybody holding position. At the checkers, Adams crossed the line first however, he would fall victim to a post race tech violation that would award the win to the #98 of Ryan Flood . The entire 30 laps had taken just 11 minutes.

Sixth went to Arsenault, followed by Benoit, Lallier, Scott Bruneau, Serydynski and Chad Baxter.