Giovanni Ruggerio jumped off the second row of a green-white-checker restart, ducked under leader Samantha Dell and after a side-by-side battle over the closing lap, eked out a 32-thousandths of a second margin of victory. Gio had stared fourth, shuttled back to sixth on a lap-one caution restart, then pressed his way forward.

His effort short circuited a sterling effort by Dell, who had battled Isaiah Newcomb for the lead over the first three quarters of the race, then taken over with four remaining. Dell was chased across the line for third by Nathan Smith, while Riley Caron and Newcomb rounded out the top five.

Newcomb and Smith shared the front row for the start and Newcomb snared the lead. Dell dived under Smith from low in the second row. They ran door-to-door while Newcomb forged a five-car lead before Dell could settle into second with Smith on her bumper. Ethan Heilborn came up to fifth then fourth before Ruggerio ran in behind him.

A lap three caution, courtesy of a Nicholas Rose Spin on the front stretch, saw Newcomb burst into the lead again and Smith nose in under Dell. Ruggerio dived under Smith to make it three wide with Samantha on the outside. She backed out and Ruggerio and Smith went wheel-to-wheel. Newcomb took it out to a two-car lead before caution for a spin on lap 10

He pulled away from Dell again, who dropped in and Ruggerio went to her high side. She pulled ahead into second and Smith inserted his car under Ruggerio and into third. With eight laps remaining, it was Newcomb, Dell, Smith, Ruggerio and Cameron Tavares.

Dell continued to Harrass Newcomb. She stayed glued to his bumper, looking high and low for any opportunity. She finally nosed under at the stripe into lap four and they went door-to-door into turn four before she could secure the lead. Smith and Ruggerio followed, ahead of Tavares and Riley Caron.

Now it was Newcomb’s turn to get all over Dell’s bumper but with three remaining, Nick Rose spun. Dell and Newcomb went side-by-side into turn four then Dell grabbed the front and Smith looked under Newcomb.

Another spin brought a green-white-checker restart. Dell pulled away stripe the electronics told the tale of a thirty-two thousandths victory. Smith grabbed third, ahead of Caron and Newcomb. Sixth on the event went to Tavares, followed by Aubrey Keller, Rose, Ethan Heilborn and Joey LeMay.