Giovanni Ruggerio climbed back into the winning column for the fourth time on the season, holding off the division’s other triple-winner, Samantha Dell, at the finish. Both drivers sported three wins apiece on the season and were running 1-2 in the points standings. 

Giovanni ran to the front early, wresting the lead from Riley Caron on the third circuit. Dell was caught outside at the start and elbowed back just before Nicholas Rose spun in turn four after a single lap. Ruggerio restarted low in the second row, behind Ethan Heilborn and Stephen Bowden. Riley Caron and Thomas Dyment were row three.

At the green, Heilborn pulled ahead and Gio ducked under Bowden and into second on Heilborn’s bumper, who suddenly broke into a 360 degree spin, but was able to continue. Ruggerio had the lead, but now Caron was at his back and Dell had jumped from seventh on the restart to Caron’s bumper.

Isaiah Newcomb moved into fourth, pursued by Bowden – Joey Lemay and Nathan Smith wheeled along behind Bowden.

Ruggerio slewed a bit and slowed to control it allowing Caron and Dell to scoot past and drop into first and second. Ruggerio recovered and held onto third.

Caron rushed out to a ten-car lead with five laps down. Over the next two laps, dell pared that down, leading an intense trio which also included Ruggerio and Newcomb. Behind them, LeMay and Bowden were in a door-to-door brawl over fifth.

With six to go, Ruggerio took to the outside as Caron held a five-car lead. He closed in on Dell, who narrowed Caron’s lead to four lengths over the lap. Ruggerio pulled up to Sammy D’s bumper. She pulled back ahead by two cars and narrowed Caron’s lead to two lengths in doing so. But Dyment spun in turn four. Heilborn had been struggling with a cantankerous Bandolero and took it to the pits.

Caron took the pole position with Dell on his right. Ruggerio was behind him and Newcomb was outside. LeMay and Smith hovered behind them. On the green, Caron shot ahead and Ruggerio ducked under Dell. Caron moved uptrack and allowed Ruggerio a lane in the low groove. Giovanni seized the moment and ripped through into the lead. Dell dropped in ahead of Newcomb, grabbed Gio’s bumper and followed him through into second.

As Dell applied pressure to the leader, Newcomb and LeMay dueled for third. Newcomb had the low side and compounded that into third place and LeMay dropped into fourth. Smith grabbed LeMay’s bumper.

Ruggerio and Dell roared under the white flag nose-to-tail and made a mad dash to the checkers. Dell pulled out all the stops, but Ruggerio refused to let her by. They came over the line still nose-to-tail with Ruggerio grabbing his fourth win. Newcomb, Smith and LeMay rounded out the top five after Smith got past LeMay on the final circuit. Caron collected sixth. Bowden, Cameron Tavares, Rose and Aubrey Keller completed the top ten. Dyment was just off the pace at eleventh with Heilborn in the pits taking twelfth.