Charlie Rose says he’s not as serious this year and just out there having fun. The fun continued as he outraced Pro Stock champ Tom Scully, Jr., who was having some fun as well, visiting the lower division. Tom collected second, just ahead of Rey Lovelace, followed by dueling rookies Ryan Kuhn and Jake-the-Jet-Johnson who went in separated by two points for potential rookie-of-the-year honors and came out just four points apart.

Lovelace came off the pole while Rose came from the eighth row. Scully was on Lovelace’s outsdie and as the green fell, Rey was able to nose ahead. Scully grabbed second and Dan Johnson filled third. Vinny Arrenegado ran fourth.
Mark Jenison had to get out of the pedal as Mike Teague went around and then to the pits to end his evening.

On the restart, Lovelace nosed out on Scully as Johnson ran under the latter. Scully kept his position despite the assault and Dan settled into third. He went underneath a few seconds later but Scully nosed ahead in turn four.

By lap six, Lovelace had two cars on scully and Arrenegado had moved Johnson back to fourth,just ahead of Mikey Toner, Jr. and Jeramme Lillie.

The field began to close up again and by lap eleven, Lovelace, Scully and Arrenegado were running bumper-to-bumper, and right behind them, Johnson, Toner and Lillie were also nose-to-tail. Gerry DeGasparre, Jr., Rose and Kuhn followed. Arrenegado began nosing under Lovelace but had the door slammed. Scully and Johnson followed. Lillie made a bold move around Toner and DeGasparre and Scully took the front from Lovelace. Lillie’s moved pushed him forward to move into second, ahead of Arrenegado.

Lap 19 saw Scully go around in turn two to wind up facing the wrong way on the track and everybody managed to avoid. On the restart, Jake Johnson got sideways in turn one and collected Michael Benevides and cousin Dan.
Rose was up to fifth on the restart. Scully grabbed the front and Lillie dropped under to try a pass. Rose now darted through to third in a single sweep. But Lovelace was suddenly around out of turn two and Lillie was just out of the turn facing the wrong way. Arrenegado was black flagged.

On the restart, Scully nosed ahead of Rose as Lovelace got under Jenison. Suddenly, Toner turned down in turn four and DeGasparre’s right side wheels climbed up the side of Toner’s car.

Rose got the advantage on Scully on the restart as Lovelace and Kuhn followed. Ryan Lineham had climbed up to the inside of Jake Johnson but Jake held him off. Dylan Estrella came up outside Lineham.

With five laps remaining, Rose continued to lead Scully. Lovelace was still battling alongside Kuhn and Johnson followed with Lineham behind him. Estrella again came alongside Lineham.

Scully fixed himself on Rose’s bumper, but with two laps to go, he slid up. Li, neham now got under Kuhn and they were followed by Jake, Estrella, lineham and Nick Uhrig.

At the finish, Rose grabbed the checkers with Scully on his bumper. Lovelace grabbed third just ahead of Kuhn and Jake Johnson. Estrella was sixth, followed by Lineham, Uhrig, Eddie LeClerc and Dan Johnson.