Curtis Rolando worked rapidly through the field, aided by early race cautions, leapt to the lead and once he was out front continued to stretch the distance between himself and Katilin Donovan to increase the lead he already held in this year’s divisional standings.  Donovan continued to second, but the position was not easy to nail down as a determined Taylor Bowser chewed away at her rear bumper, sticking a nose underneath to challenge for second over the waining laps.  But Donovan was able to hold on for the position.  Shelby Donovan, David Lougee and Christine Cavallaro came across as a mob, battling over fourth, but settled into the latter order.  Ashley Kuhn rounded out the field.

Kuhn started on the pole inside Taylor Bowser, who ran into turn three loose and had to fall back.  David Lougee, Jr. fell in with Curtis Rolando following.  But Kuhn spun out of turn four, bringing a caution.  The lap on restart saw Rolando run to the front out of turn two with Kaitlyn Donovan on his bumper.  Bowser and Shelby Donovan followed with Christine Cavallaro and Lougee behind them.

Rolando went rapidly out to a long lead and Kaitlyn, in second, held a good distance over Bowser and Shelby.  The field wound through several laps in a parade file as Bowser closed on Donovan.  Kuhn closed in on Lougee

At the checkers, Rolando had added to his divisional lead with yet another win.  Kaitlin, with Bowser challenging, held on for second.  Shelby, Lougee, Cavallaro and Kuhn rounded out the finishing grid.