Hot off the biggest win of his career in the Pro All Star Series 300 at Beech Ridge Speedway in Scarborogh Maine, Derek Ramstrom arrived to try the D. Anthony Venditti Memorial 100 and came away with another big win and the $5K check to prove it. Ramstrom has spent time on the Seekonk bullring and was able to convert it to a big win, despiteBeing knocked out of the lead in a spin with Tom Scully, Jr. on Lap 20. Ramstrom worked his way back to fourth to find Scully in fourth and 30 laps remaining. Ahead of Scully was 2014 champ Kenny Spencer and leading was multichampion Dave Darling, who excels at winning extra-lap features.
Ramstrom steeled himself, navigated past Scully, then set out after Spencer. Spencer had been hunting down Darling. He was rebuffed in a lap 82 restart and Ramstrom came forward to take him on. He dropped below Spencer on lap 86 and then went to second just before Kevin Folan got into turn four dirt and Bob Hussey spun on the loose sand kicked into the turn.
Darling and Ramstrom set upw tiht Spencer and Dick Houlihan at their backs. Darling pulled away fast and Ramstrom used Darling’s technique of dropping under for the pass but was unable to convert. The field strung out with Ramstrom a half car back. Ramstrom looked under again and Darling got loose in the turn. Derek leapt in and they went door-to-door on lap 95. A lap later, he had his nose past Darling and he continued to edge forward.
Darling looked for the cross under on lap 97 but Ramstrom held him off. They battled nose-to-tail through the white flag lap and Darling gave him a quick punt in the last turn, but Ramstrom held it straight and ran across the stripe just .144 seconds ahead. Spencer roared across on Darling’s tail with Houlihan and Dean Petty rounding out the top 5.
It had been a tough race with 16 cautions spread across the 100 laps. The longest stretch of racing was 16 laps, between laps 66 and 82. The first quarter of the race saw eight cautions slow progress down to a crawl, even though the first ten laps ran fast and smooth.
Dean Petty jumped off the outside pole Into the lead with polesitter Angelo Belsito on his trail. Ramstrom, strating third, dueled with Belsito and took second on the lap 10 restart, following Petty underneath. Radical Rick Martin engaged Belsito over second and Mike Brightman fought it out with Tom Scully Jr. behind them. Ramstrom got under Petty and took the lead out of turn four on lap twelve. Martin kept Petty outside and grabbed second before Belsito spun in turn four on lap 15.
Scully went under Ramstrom on the restart from low in the second row; there was contact and they spun to the infield off turn three, sending both to the rear as a host of cars ran to the pits for repairs.
Vanasse had worked his way up from tenth and was next to lead, outrunning Martin on the restart. He held the front to lap 44, dodging with Darling for the distance. This involved three restarts until Jake Vanada spun in turn one of lap 44.
Vanasse and Darling went door-to-door with Martin and Spencer doing the same behind them. Vanasse began to experience difficulties with his car and went backwards, almost taking Spencer up to the wall. Martin also went off pace and Spencer almost was victim again, but avoided both hazards with some miraculous driving skills. This set Darling free to take the 50-lap cash prize. And he headed off to a 15-car lead over Vanasse, who had recovered. It was another 20 cars back to Scully, Kevin Casper, Spencer and Martin. Darling was into his first lapped traffic on lap 54.
Caution flew as Hussey got sideways on the track in lap 57 then limped to the pits.
The restart saw Darling escape Vanasse. Scully and Vanasse battled for position, but Spencer saw an opportunity and went underneath and into second on lap 60. Vanasse’s problems returned and he began to backslide. He went to the pits on lap 64.
Lap 66 saw Martin spin out of turn two and Folan was around just beyond. Ryan Lineham ended up by the backstretch wall with extensive front end damage. He was towed to the pits. Now Darling and Spencer would lead the restart. But Scully had toiled back to the front and was below Houlihan in the second row, and Ramstrom was behind him, inside Tom Scully, Sr. Petty had come back to seventh, restarting alongside Casper.
Darling pulled away but Spencer began to chase him down. Ramstrom pulled up to Tom Jr.’s bumper then went under to third and set off after Spencer.
It took him 15 laps to get past Spencer and another ten to best Darling for the lead. Another wild four laps, with Darling emptying his bag of tricks to take the front back and Ramstrom had won the Fall Spectacular 100.
Brightman grabbed sixth and Scully, Jr. seventh. Vanada followed and Larry Gelinas, Belsito, Folan, Billy Brady, Hussey, Davis Silvia and Craig Weinstein completed the top 15.