Since it was his birthday, Adam Pettey gave himself a gift: his first career win, and he led every lap in the 25 that the Sportsman feature had to offer. He did it with speed and handling along with the Pettey skill.

He broke away from Sparky Arsenault, who sat on the outside pole after a brief door-to-door. As Pettey got ¾ past, Arsenault dropped in front of Chris Rioux. Kohler got under Austin “Porkchop” Erickson as Scott Bruneau followed. As Kohler moved ahead, Bruneau ducked under Erickson. Four laps in, Arsenault closed up on Pettey and Rioux was three cars back in third. Kohler, Erickson, Bruneau and Captain Fun – Craig Pianka — followed. Chad Baxter and Steve Axon were behind Pianka in that order. But as Arsenault fell back again, Bruneau spun going down the backstretch.

Pettey and Sparky lined up again and Pettey pulled ahead once again. Sparky stayed outside and Pettey got a full lead in turn three. Arsenault dropped in, once again ahead of Rioux. Erickson was again engaging Kohler and pulled ahead to nose in under Rioux for some wheel-to-wheel in turn two. Kid Chaos – Corey Fanning – charged under and Steve Axon pulled in under Rioux. As soon as Axon pulled through, Kyle Casper also victimized Rioux with the backwards freight train. Lallier then followed him through.

Erickson began to close on Arsenault on lap 13, as Kohler spun in turn four. This put Arsenault outside Pettey on the front once again. Erickson and Fanning were row two and three had Axon and Pianka. At the green, Pettey nosed ahead across the stripe and again Arsenault stayed high. Erickson dodged in underneath him and Axon made it three wide when he saw room underneath. Axon ran ahead and Erickson glommed onto his bumper leaving Sparky outside again. Behind them, Lallier was making his way underneath Fanning.

Azon ran to second on lap six and found Arsenault at his back with Erickson next ahead of Lallier. Erickson moved up under Arsenault while Lallier waited behind them. He moved in on Erickson and with two laps remaining went underneath. Arsenault then vaulted to third as Erickson held on with Lallier.

Lallier nosed ahead and Fanning edged in underneath Porkchop.

At the checkers, it was Pettey with his first-ever Sportsman win. He was followed by Axon, Arsenault, Lallier and Erickson, to round out the top five. Completing the top ten were: Fanning, Baxter, Pianka, Bruneau and Casper.