Four drivers led the Sport Truchs through their 25-lap feature, but the one who led the last nine – Ed Perry – got to take the victory lap and claim the trophy. In fact, Perry started his victory lap before they gave him the checkered flag, and he visited friends around the track, laying down a tire rubber smokescreen that could camouflage a battleship. Then the starters gave him the checkered flag and he went off on another rampage around the track.

Lenny Guy led the first nine laps and Mike Cavallaro and Chase Belcher split the middle before Perry came along to finish it off.

Guy hopped off the pole with Belcher alongside. Cavallaro grabbed Guy’s bumper as he took off, sticking Belcher on the high side. Belcher pushed hard enough that he made a wide trip around turn four before falling off. Cavallaro immediately looked to the outside but Lenny wasn’t yielding. Perry moved up from the third row into third, itself, and Mikey Cooper supplanted Belcher in fourth. Four laps in and this group was running nose-to-tail.

Cavallaro looked underneath on lap six but Guy squirmed loose and moved ahead. Cavallaro battled back up and looked again. Slam! Guy shut the door.

Andrew Kun was moving up and ducked under Belcher looking for sixth. Behind them, last week’s winner, Barry Shaw, looked under division leader Richie Murray.

Ten laps in, Cavallaro was still looking for a way to get under Guy, but before he could, Kun spun out in turn three.

Guy and Cavallaro sat side-by-side for the lap 9 restart with Perry and Cooper just ahead of Connor Souza and Belcher. Lenny got onto the berm and came loose allowing Cavallaro to shoot ahead. Souza looked underneath, but Kun again spun in turntwo just as Cavallaro was taking off. No lap, same restart.

This time, Cavallaro zoomed out. Perry followed with Belcher at his back, followed by Souza. Shaw and Cooper were wheel-to-wheel behind them. Cavallaro wasted no time putting ten cars on Perry, but Guy suddenly erupted in steam from his cowling and then went around on the back stretch, apparently from a legion of problems. He’d been observed wrestling with his shifter as he came down the front stretch just prior to the incident. He retired after 14 laps.

Cavallaro was now dealing with Perry; Belcher and Souza followed with Shaw and Cooper behind them. Mike nosed out on the green and across the stripe, taking control down the back stretch Belcher dived in underneath and shot into the lead, while Shaw ducked under Perry, who dropped in on the next lap. With twelve remaining, Belcher led Cavallaro then Shaw. Barry pushed in under Cavallaro but perhaps pushed a touch too hard and spun crossing the stripe.

Now Murray was in row two with Perry for the restart. Belcher and Cavallaro had at it again and Chase took the front. Perry got under Cavallaro for some door-to-door while Souza and Murray debated behind them. Cooper and Kun were having at it behind them. Murray snagged fourth while Cooper got away from Kun into sixth.

Perry escaped Cavallaro onto Belcher’s bumper and Mike stayed on his but came loose in turn four.

With nine laps to go, Perry looked under Belcher and went, taking the lead in turn two. Cavallaro recovered and hung onto third. Behind them Souza was under Murray. Murray moved ahead in turn three and claimed fourth. Kun and Cooper were still debating over sixth. Shaw was working at coming back and was running outside Brittany Campbell.

With four remaining Belcher drifted uptrack just enough for Cavallaro to dive in. Perry was four cars ahead and Murray was patiently awaiting the resolution. When Cavallaro pulled ahead, Richie went under Belcher. Cooper got past Souza to run fifth and Kun stepped into sixth.

The final two laps were a supersonic sprint to the checkers. Belcher took a quick look under Murray for position along the way, but couldn’t get there. The top five under the checkers were: Perry, Cavallaro, Murray, Belcher and Cooper. Sixth went to Kun, followed by Campbell, shaw, Souza and Nick Testone, Jr.