Greg Perry earned the big bonus after Marissa Morgan suffered the loss of a tire after she had run 21 out of 25 laps at the front since the opening of the 25-lap feature. Perry grabbed the lead from the pole on the restart and rushed to victory over the final four laps. Joey Morrissette, Mike Henriques, Lenny Sousa and “The Outlaw” – Danny Massa, Jr. rounded out the top five.

Morgan was at the top of her game as she took a giant step off the pole into the lead and ran away into the lead. Joey Morrissette followed her into second from his spot in the second row. Next time around, outside polesitter Max Bergstrom came loose in turn four and made an incredible save to continue. Unfortunately, Cliff Avila and Perry leveraged Bergstrom’s instability into a pass, dropping him to fifth. Next time around, he was waylaid by Shane Lambert and Mike Henriques.

Three laps in and Morrissette was pursuing Morgan, a half-car back. He had Avila on his bumper. With the field strung out single file, five laps in, Avila suddenly erupted in sparks flying from his rear end and he ground up to the wall, bringing out the caution. His evening ended pitside.

The lap 5 restart had Morgan and Morrissette side-by-side with Perry and Henriques behind them. Ava Chouinard and Lambert were row three. On the restart, Perry went under Morrissette into second and Chouinard edged Henriques out of fifth. The Outlaw got in and kept Henriques on the outside. Lambert then spun at the stripe, collected his car and was able to continue.

Morgan continued to lead Perry, then Chouinard, Morrissette, Henriques and Massa. The latter ducked underneath for position and took over the position in turn two. Ten laps in and the top order was the same, except for this one change and the field was single-file.

Behind Henriques, Amy Arsenault, Doug Benoit and Lenny Sousa were working for position. Arsenault and Benoit ran side-by-side and Lenny was Looking for an opportunity. They ran like this for four laps.

With eight remaining, the top five (Morgan, Perry, Morrissette, Massa and Henriques) were nose-to-tail/ The battle between between Massa and Henriques heated up with Mike challenging The Outlaw, being denied and challenging again.

The laps wound down and Perry began to look high and low on Morgan before Morrissette got into Chouinard, who went around in turn four.

The lap four restart again featured Morgan and Perry. She was loose and Perry came alongside for some wheel-to-wheel. Perry nosed ahead and grabbed the lead in turn three. With three to go, Henriques reinvigorated his attacks on Massa and ducked underneath. Benoit had passed Arsenault and now Sousa followed suit, ducking under Benoit for position. The two brawls continued into the white flag lap.

Morgan, still running second, now suffered tragedy as her right front tire went down and she slid up the backstretch, She held onto it, but Morrissette and the field sailed past. In the shakeup that ensued, Sousa escaped from Benoit and ran past Massa into fourth.

Benoit nailed down sixth place, followed by Bergstrom, Chouinard, Arsenault, Nicholas Mignote. Morgan finished eleventh, limping home on the flat.