Eric Pelletier took down his first Sport Four win with a tough duel at the finish with Devin Miranda following a lap thirteen restart.  Pelletier had been running away from the field for the first two thirds of the race, but Chris Testa’s spin on lap thirteen brought the field back together and Devin Miranda – who had been showing great speed at the head of the chase pack, to his outside shoulder.  Pelletier was able to leap away out of the starter’s box, however, and forced Miranda to take the lead from behind him.  Miranda made a hard run with two to go, but Pelletier held him off and drove home with the win.  Miranda nailed down second.   49, 15 and 37 rounded out the top five.

Pelletier was enjoying a straightaway lead by lap ten and it stretched along into lap 13.  Miranda had already come around into second, when  18 spun in turn four.  The lap 13 restart had Miranda outside Pelletier on the front row.  Though Miranda had been showing considerable speed in the middle part of the race, Pelletier was able to pull ahead out of the starting box.  Miranda locked onto his bumper and made it stick.  They ranthe final ten laps with venom, but Pelletier was able to deny Miranda’s passes.

Completing the top ten were:  3, 21, 9, 31 AND 89.