Josh Parsons grabbed the lead midway through the 30-lap Legends feature, passing Connor Souza, then holding him at bay for the next five laps. Then it was Peter Bennett coming ahead and putting a fortune in sweat equity into overhauling the leader. But Parsons was fast on the night and had generated a straightaway-long lead and was coasting toward the checkers. Bennett was able to pare it down to three carlengths, but time ran out at that point and Parsons snared the trip to Victory Lane. Brendan Hammann had been picking his way through the field from fifteenth following a lap two caution and made his way to a third-place finish, just ahead of Brendan Hammann and Ryan Doucette.

Rene Marcotte had the pole for the green and scooted ahead of Souza, who drifted wide enough that Jacob Burns and Mason Tessier, who had been row two, ran under him for a three-wide. 

But Reagan Parent and Hammann got tangled in turn two, bringing a lap one restart.

Marcotte was away again but Tessier got under him as Souza fell back on the outside. Tessier went tot he front and Souza pushed back into second with Kevin Nowak on his high side. Kevin dropped in then looked under as Tessier broke away into the lead. After some bitter debate, Nowak took over second in lap four. Three laps in and the high-speed field had strung itself out into single-onto file. Six laps in, Tessier led Nowak, Souza, Holderbach and Burns, but Marcotte was around in turn two and collected Jeff Wood who then pitted for the night.

After a bad start, Tessier nosed away from Nowak and grabbed the front in turn three while Burns was getting under Nowak. They rushed ahead and wrapped around Tessier to make it three-wide on the front. Souza won the lead and Nowak grabbed second as Tessier fell to third.

Holderbach moved in onto Souza’s bumper and they ran nose-to-tail. However, Parsons was suddenly running fourth and ran past Nowak, worked on Tessier for two laps and was by and troubling Souza for the lead. Holderbach looked under Souza, but was held off after some door-to-door running.

Parsons sped away as Souza, Doucette and Bennett battled three wide behind him. Doucette won second and Bennett dropped to third ahead of Parent. Hammann now arrived on Parent’s bumper and moved into fourth. But by now, Parsons was running in the clear air, a full straightaway ahead.

Nine laps remained as Bennett bore down on the throttle and Hammann slipped past Doucette into third. Nowak came up onto Doucette’s bumper.

With three laps remaining, Hammann found himself three cars back of Bennett and worked a t closing, but there wasn’t enough distance left to close it up.

Parsons flashed home for his second win of the season, following his win on the second night of the season. Bennett and Hammann were in for the podium finish.

Sixth went to Holderbach, followed by Burns, Parent, Souza, Devin Deshaies and Tessier.