Josh Parsons chased Ryan Doucette for half the race before he stole the lead, but then had to hold off Brandon “Batman” Martinez for the win. Doucette was still in striking distance and got his nose past Martinez on laps 20 and 21 but yeilded second for a fourth-place finish as points leader Peter Bennett leveraged by into third. Regan Parent, back from an extended absence caused by a blown engine, was back in harmony with a fifth place finish.

RJ Marcotte and Connor Souza kicked things off with some door-to-door which Souza converted into a short-lived lead as Doucette stormed back and took the lead by two cars. Marcotte grabbed Connor’s bumper with Jacob “Rowdy” Burns jumping into fourth with Matthew Carpenter at his back.

Three laps in and Carpenter got sideways, collecting Cpnnor Holderbach and Devin Deshaies, who climbed a wheel and too a lazy roll, stopping high in turn two and bringing out the red flag. Fire and Ambulance teams converged, but both drivers were deemed OK. Deshaies’ car went off on the hook.

Doucett and Marcotte lined up with Souza and Burns in row two. Doucette went ahead and Souza went under Marcotte into second. Reagan Parent arrived to get underneath into third and Parsons ran up to Marcotte’s bumper.

Five laps in and Doucette was nursing a half-straightaway lead and Parent had swapped into second with Souza. Once more around and Parsons had vaulted into third. He got onto Parent’s bumper and then slid by into second. At the same time, points leader Peter Bennett slid past Corey Caddick into fourth.

Ten laps in and the running order was: Doucette, Parsons, Parent, Bennett and Caddick. Shileigh Martinez ran past Caddick to chase Bennett.

Bennett moved Parent back and Shileigh took a look at passing; at the same time, Parsons was working over Doucette for the lead. They went wheel-to-wheel with Parson’s getting by in turn two, just as Souza spun in turn four.

The lap 13 restart saw Doucette and Parsons again side-by-side but Parsons grabbed the front in turn two and Parent went to Doucette’s high side.

With ten to go, Shileigh took a 180 in turn four. Burns spun to avoid and Burns had to duck both spinning vehicles.

With eleven to go, Parsons and Doucette were again on the front with Parent and Bennett behind them. Brendan Hamman and Batman now filled row three. Parsons grabbed the lead and Parend got under Doucette into second. Brandon Martinez followed Bennett, who ducked under Doucette as Jeff Wood spun up near the wall in turn two.

Parsons won the lead from Parent and Doucette claimed third, followed by Bennett and Batman. The latter then went to the high side and got alongside Doucette. Bennett and Parent followed. The field was single file at this time. Doucette and Martinez continued their door-to-door battle as Bennett waitied for the outcome. Parsons continued to motor along ahead of them all.

Doucette won out and Bennett climbed in under Martinez. But Souza went round into the grass on turn four.

Five laps remained: again Parsons and Doucette led off. Martinez came from the low side of row two to get under Doucette as Parsons moved ahead into the lead. Parent was under Bennett behind them but Bennett was able to escape into fourth. He went to Martinez’ bumper and under Doucette into third.

Under the with flag, it was Parsons holding off Martinez. Bennett looked under Marrinez, but could’t go. Doucette locked onto his bumper. They passed the final lap and under the checkers with Parsons grabbing his third trip to Victory Lane on the season.

Sixth went to Joey Ternullo, followed by Matthew Carpenter, Holderbach, Caddick and Shileigh Martinez completed the top ten. Hammann was just off the pace in eleventh.