Josh Parsons hauled down the big win in Legends, as he looks to overhaul points leader Peter Bennett. But with Bennett grabbing third behind Connor Holderbach, Parson’s four-point gain was not quite enough and he still trails by four points, 280-276. Still, a win is a win. Meanwhile, the top-four points leaders all landed in the top four in the race, with Brendan Hammann rocking in with fourth, so the top of the standings looks pretty much the same. The top five was rounded out by Brandon “Batman” Martinez who returned to racing just two weeks ago.

RJ Marcotte and Matthew Carpenter led off the show with Jacob Burns and Mason Tessier behind them Marcotte had the lead by turn one and Burns ducked under Carpenter. Holderbach was into fourth from the third row and Tessier grabbed fifth. The high-speed field quickly went to single file as Brendon Hammann moved into fifth on the second circuit. Four laps in, Marcotte, Burns and Holderback were running nose-to-tail ahead of Hammann and Tessier. Marcotte pushed into a carlength lead over Burns. Hammann still ran fifth, and now Parsons and Bennett had pulled in behind him.

Five laps in and Marcotte was running high on the groove and Burns was surveying a pathway underneath. Marcotte put on a burst of speed down the backstretch to pull away but Burns close back in. Bennett made a big run to come up to third as they dueled and nine laps in, Burns got underneath, then into the lead in turn four. His lead did not last, however, as he spun between turns one and two.

Marcotte was back on pole for the restart with Holderbach on his shoulder. Bennett and Parsons, then Hammann and Tessier were poised behind them. Batman and Carpenter made up row four. On the start, Bennett ducked under Marcotte, but Holderbach leapt to the lead. Marcotte fell back and Parsons ran up along Bennett’s outside. As Bennett charged past Marcotte into second, there was contact and Jeff Wood spun, bringing caution with 14 laps remaining.

The lineup was Holderbach and Bennett, Parsons and Hammann, Marcotte and Martinez. Holderbach jumped to the lead while Bennett stayed out for the fight. Parsons ran up to the leader’s bumper and looked underneath. He succeeded in grabbing the lead on lap 13, with Bennett, Holderbach, Hammann, Martinez and Marcotte following.

Parsons pushed out to a two-car lead.

Hammann began to look under Holderbach, who shut the door. Bennett closed up on Parsons just as Burns and Devin Deshaies made contact and spun in turn four. Nine laps remained.

Parsons and Bennett dueled off the green: Parsons pulled ahead and Holderbach dodged in under Bennentt, who again elected to fight it out from the outside. He succeeded. Martinez moved in behind Holderbach, being pursued avidly by Hammann and Marcotte. The field was strung out by this time.

The race became a high speed, single-file pursuit with the top five running bumper-to-bumper until Isaiah Newcomb spun out of turn four, bringing a lap five caution. Again, Parsons and Bennett were staring across at each other on the front row, Holderbach and Martinez were doing the same, as were Hammann and Marcotte. Ryan Doucette and Carpenter followed.

The restart was an instant replay of the previous: Parsons grabbed the lead and Holderbach dodged in under Bennett for some wheel-to-wheel. While they brawled, Parsons ran out to an eight-car margin and Hammann closed in behind them. Holderbach finally succeeded at grabbing second with three laps to go and Martinez pulled up to Hammann’s bumper. Doucette got by Marcotte behind Martinez. They ran in order through the white flag lap and Parsons led them across the finish line for a trip to Victory Lane.

Sixth on the event went to Doucette, followed by Marcotte, Tessier, Carpenter and Burns.