Connor Souza worked his way up from the middle of the Bandolero Outlaw pack to take the lead with four laps remaining and run to the checkers just ahead of Mason Tessier. Tessier had been in the thick of things after a third-row start and had led the four laps previous to Souza’s arrival. Evan Marchand had moved to the front with them and repeatedly attempted to get by to the lead, but was unable to get past the dueling leaders.

At the outset, Zachary Martinez nosed out on Brittany Campbell, who fired up and they went into turn two, side-by-side. They were still engaged coming across the stripe into the second lap with Campbell still on the outside. Tessier was behind them with Souza on his bumper, followed by Marchand, Tyler Tomassi, Maddie Harkin and Wesley Heard. This continued for the next two laps as the field strung out.

Campbell was competing hard and was forced high allowing Tessier to slip through underneath and into second. Once on the outside, the pursuing drivers took advantage, and Campbell fell back to fifth. They remained tightly in line, and lap seven saw the top five of Martinez, Tessier, Souza, Marchand and Campbell running nose-to-tail until Martinez came loose in turn four. Tessier seized the opportunity and took the lead. Zach settled onto his bumper ahead of Marchand.
By lap 10, Tessier was three cars out on Martinez, who had Marchand in tow, followed by Souza. Marchand went to the outside as Martinez was loose again and Souza dived under into second. Martinez grabbed his bumper but Campbell and Marchand traded paint in turn four and spun out.

Tessier edged ahead and Martinez was under Souza, going wheel-to-wheel down the back. Tessier pushed his lead to three cars while the battle continued over second. Harkin was fourth and Marchand ducked underneath but Campbell spun out of turn two.

Souza had the advantage on Tessier as the green fell. Martinez and Harkin ran side-by-side with Machand giving chase.
Lap 13 saw Souza loose coming out of turn four giving Tessier an opportunity going under the white flag. Final lap was a brawl between the pair all the way to the checkers. They were by in the blink of an eye and the electronics had to tell the tale: Souza had the victory over Tessier by eight hundredths of a second on the track. However, Tech violation would result in a DQ awarding the win to Tessier. Third went to Marchand, followee by Martienz, Campbell, Harkin, Tomassi and Wesley Heard.