Nickolas Frechette jumped out to a lead on lap one of the SYRA 600 feature – one that he did not give up through 20 laps and two caution restarts. Behind him Connor Sousa and Scott Serydynski, Jr. brawled all the way from a lap five restart to the checkers over second. They ran most of the distance door-to-door with Scotty grinding it out on the outside. At the stripe, Sousa hauled down second by the whisker-thin margin of 1/1000 of a second.

Evan Marchand had been in the thick of things, running second in a four-car nose-to-tail affair, but he and Sousa made contact in turn three and he did a 360, cut across the grass, then grabbed a fistfull of control and kept on going. Unfortunately, he had fallen out of the lead group. One lap later, Kyle Pianka tooka spin in turn four and caution waved.

Frechette and Sousa lined up for the restart with Marchand and Ava Chouinard behind them. Frechette stepped off with his nose ahead of Sousa, but Tommy Harris went around in turn two and it took a second restart to get lap five underway Mason Tessier had suffered mechanical failure and needed a tow to the pits

This time, they were away and Frechette had the lead in turn two Marchand came under Sousa onto Frechette’s bumper but Chouinard then took a spin and kept on going. By lap eight, Frechette, Marchand, Sousa and Serydynski were running bumper-to-bumper while Zachary Martinez, Tommy Harris, Brittany Campbell, Pianka and Maddie Harkin made up the chase group ten cars back.

Lap nine saw Marchand go to the outside for the pass. This is when he made the contact which sent him around. As the field continued, Frechette went out to a ten-car lead as Sousa and Serydynski began the duel over second. Their battle was door-to-door and as they flew straight ahead, the began to gain on Frechette. By lap 13, they had whittled it down to eight cars. They alternated holding down second place for the remainder of the race, Serydynski forging ahead on the outside, then Sousa taking it back down low as Frechette continued to cruise in the fresh air.

It was dog-eat-dog for second through the final seven circuits to the finish with Frechette cruising under the checkers. Behind him, Sousa and Serydynski roared out of turn four for the final dash to the stripe. It was impossible to make a visual determination, but the electronics revealed second place – by a thousanth of a second – went to Sousa. Martinez came home fourth, Just ahead of Pianka. Rounding out the top ten on the event were: Marchand, Campbell, Harkin, Harris and Chouinard.