The late season is good for Isaiah Newcomb as he captured his third victory on the season just a couple races after his second win. He spent the first half of the race in a duel with leader Nathan Smith then did his best to keep Nate behind him for the remaining distance to the checkered flag. He succeeded and Samantha Dell tried but could not remove Smith from the runnerup spot. She collected third while Joey LeMay and Ethan Heilborn rounded out the top five. The championship points race tightened up with the finish as leader Giovanni Ruggerio placed sixth, allowing Dell to close in by six points, reducing Gio’s lead to single digits and angling for a major confrontation in next week’s championship final race.

After the initial green was called back for a false start, Smith outdistanced Heilborn from the front row to grab the lead. Newcomb moved Heilborn out of second while Riley Caron and Ruggerio moved into fourth and fifth.

Nicholas Rose ended his night after one lap, spinning into the wall on the front stretch. He was OK, but his car had to be lifted off the track by the wrecker.

The lap one restart had Smith and Newcomb side-by-side and they went door-to-door. Smith nosed ahead. But Dell spun on the backstretch. Second try and they were away, with Smith moving ahead. Ruggerio got under Caron but LeMay and Nick Chaber, Jr. made contact between turns three and four with Chaber spinning. LeMay was called for the assist and joined him at the rear for the restart.

Smith and Newcomb came out side-by-side again. Nate took a nose through turn two but Isaiah came right back. Behind them, it was three-wide for fourth as Caron and Ruggerio were battling side-by-side and got very wide, allowing Dell to sweep in under and into the position behind Heilborn.

Another lap and the Smith/Newcomb brawl continued. Smith nosed out again as Dell got under Heilborn into third and Ruggerio followed. With nine to go, the pylon lit up with Smith, Newcomb, Dell, Ruggerio, Heilborn and Caron in that order.

The field was now single file, but Chaber spun out of turn two, bringing a lap seven restart.

Smith and Newcomb lined again. Newcomb had been running extensively on the outside and set to do it again. Dell and Ruggerio waited behind them, just ahead of Heilborn and Caron, followed by LeMay and Stephen Bowden. As the green dropped, Newcomb pushed a fender ahead and they were again wheel-to-wheel with Dell on their bumpers. Smith drifted up and Dell started under but backed off as the door wasn’t fully open.

Now, Newcomb sailed ahead to grab the lead, chased by Smith and Dell. LeMay came past Ruggerio into fourth and closed up on dell. With four to go, Joey was all over Sammy D’s bumper but she scooted ahead in turn two. Ruggerio slowed for a moment and Heliborn took advantage to slip under and deprive him of the spot.

Newcomb had the lead over Smith with three to go and edged out to a three-length advantage by the time the twin sticks came up for two laps remaining. The field was established and they roared through the final two laps in order.

Newcomb now had his third win on the season and the race for division honors tightened up by six points.

Ruggerio had sixth place, while Caron, Bowden, Chaber and Aubrey Keller completed the top ten. Thomas Dyment was the last car running, at eleventh.