Isaiah Newcomb grabbed his second win in three weeks with a dominant show. He took over the lead from Nathan Smith a third of the way through the fifteen-lapper and could not be unseated for the remainder of the feature. He had plenty of company as Joey LeMay, smith, and then Samantha Dell looked to unseat him. Dell pursued him over the final six circuits to cement her fourth second place finish of the season.

LeMay and Smith kicked things off coming off the pole with LeMay grabbing the lead over smith. Behind them, Giovanni Ruggerio ducked under Riley Caron and Samantha Dell for a three wide and his two opponents destabilized and spun in turn two.

For the restart, Lemay and Smith lined up again with Newcomb and Ruggerio behind them. Ethan Heilborn and Stephen Bowden made up row three. First try was called back for a bad start and then Smith took to the front with Lemay settling to second. Newcomb was at his back. Ruggerio got high and Heilborn ducked under while Dell grabbed the opportunity to snare fifth. But LeMay spun out of turn four, forcing Gio and Sammy D to duck under as he spun.

Still working on lap three, Smith now had Newcomb outside, Caron and Heilborn backing them up with Dell and Bowden in row three. Smitty was away again. Newcomb drove back alongside and they battled this way for three laps. Newcomb was finally able to get under Smith and into the lead on lap six as Smith wrestled with a suddenly unwieldy car. Dell and Ruggerio were wheel-to-wheel until Dell got a fender ahead in turn two. LeMay got under Ruggerio as he came back. Smith chased Newcomb as LeMay pushed in under Dell.

Smith began losing speed and retired to the pits. One lap later, LeMay spun in front of Caron and Dell spun to avoid. Caron was called for the assist on LeMay and joined him at the rear.

Now Newcomb had Dell on his shoulder for the restart. Heilborn and Bowden were the second row, followed by Aubrey Keller and Nicholas Rose. Isaiah grabbed the front and Dell settled into second with Bowden and then Heilborn behind her. Rose spun, recovered and continued.

It was a straight shot to the finish over the final five laps with Dell working the low groove. But Newcomb pushed hard and ran a bit higher, holding her off to the checkers for the win. LeMay completed the race in third, just ahead of Heilborn. Ruggerio got past Bowden for fifth while Bowden and Keller were the final two cars running for sixth and seventh in that order. Behind the wall were Rose in eighth, Smith in ninth, George Perrault in tenth and Caron, eleventh.