Richie Murray continued to hold on to the points lead in Sport Trucks with a big win over Barry Shaw as the top three in points, Murray, Shaw and Ed Perry, came in 1-2-3 as well in Saturday night action. Murray now holds a 20-point bulge in the standings. Perry, as well as fourth place finisher Chase Belcher had top five finishes erased by fall afoul of tech inspection and received DQ’s.

Brittany Campbells fifth place finish was already on of her best and she was then raised to third place by the DQ’s Mike Cavallaro was elevated from Sixth to fourth and Connor Souza from seventh to fifth.

Otherwise, in ontrack action:

Souza and Lenny Guy shared the front row for the start; Sousa jumped ahead of Guy on the outside pole and Campbell came from low in the second row to latch onto Sousa’s bumper and get under Guy. Behind them, Mike Cavallaro got under Nick Testone III. Into the second circuit, Souza led Guy, still hanging on to second on the high side and Campbell underneath guy. Cavallaro and Testone were still going wheel-to-wheel. Shaw was sixth and Murray seventh.

Guy began to fall back, moving Campbell to second and Cavallaro ran up to her tailgate and Shaw glommed onto Cavallaro, running under Guy. As they crossed into lap six, Cavallaro got past Campbell and Sousa into the lead while Campbell stayed tight on Sousa’s bumper. But Campbell spun and Testone could not avoid. Brittany had to pit to remove a hanging piece of metal from her back bumper, but Testone was gone on the hook and did not return.

The lap eight restart had Cavallaro and Shaw on the front with Murray and Belcher in two. Darryl Dutch and Perry made up row three. It was door-to-door between the leaders through the lap with Murray running third and hoping for a mistake. They went through another lap with neither driver willing to yield and finally, Murray looked underneath but was denied.

It took him another lap before Murray could make headway, but he finally got underneath to make it three wide with Perry and Cavallaro. Still, neither Shaw nor Perry would back off, so Murray shot through to the front. Shaw then found a few more miles per hour to get by and attmept to chase down Murray, who had a two-car advantage. Perry pursued with Belcher at his back, followed by Cavallaro, Belcher and Andrew Kun and Mikey Cooper. By midpoint on the thirty-lapper, the field had gone single-file.

This generated a high-speed line which wound around the track for the next five laps. With six to go, Murray now had a six-car lead over Shaw who was laboriously trying to cut the distance. Shaw had another 20 cars on Perry, who was running five ahead of Belcher, Cavallaro and Kun, who were running nose-to-tail ahead of Campbell.

Twice more around and no change but on the next lap, Shaw cut a length out of Murray’s lead. Campbell had moved past Cooper and now she took action on Sousa to take over seventh behind Kun.

The final laps were a mad dash to the finish and to overtake the truck ahead. The only driver to succeed at another pass was Campbell, moving into sixth. From there, Shaw pared down Murray’s lead over the last couple of laps, but Richie crossed under the checkers still comfortably ahead. Shaw grabbed second.

With the adjustments for DQ, the final five on the top ten were: Cooper, Guy, Kun, Maddie Harkin and Anastasia Lebrun.