While Rob Murphy’s Sportsman car is in extensive repairs, he has been getting some seat time in his old truck and for the second time the result is a feature win. He started the event in the fourth row, alongside Josh Hedges while Ed Perry and John Paiva led off. Paiva grabbed the lead out of turn two and had two carlengths on Perry after a single circuit. Barry Shaw then dodged under into second but there was contact and Shaw went around. Chase Belcher, who had started inside Shaw, was caught up and also spun.

Paiva and Perry lined up again and Paiva again took the lead. Mike Duared rushed into second while Hedges came into third under Perry. Duarte quickly tightened up on Paiva’s bumper while Hedges, Ed Gannon and Murphy followed. Mike Cavallaro went around out of turn three, collecting Darryl Church, Doug Rioux and Perry. Cavallaro retired to the pits.
Paiva and Duarte went door-to-door down the staight with Hedges trying to get under in turn two but backed out. He then got under Duarte as the latter backed out from the fight he was having with the leader.

Murphy came in under Duarte as the field got strung out behind them. He cleared through and went after Paiva. He closed in and looked underneath on lap fifteen then drove under, taking the lead out of turn four on lap 16. Paiva, Duarte, Hedges, Gannon and Lenny Guy followed.

As the field went single file, Murphy had a lead of five cars on Paiva. He increased that to eight cars by lap twenty. Paiva still followed with Duarte, Gannon and Hedges in pursuit.

The field cycled the track in order to the white flag. Gannon got in under Hedges and they went wheel-to-wheel into turn one and they brawled to the finish line.

Murphy took down the win with Paiva outlasting Duarte for second. Gannon finished third with Hedges rounding out the top five. Lenny Guy came in sixth, followed by Shaw, Belcher, David Simpson and John Robidoux. The finish sets up the division for a points tie between Shaw and Belcher with three races remaining. It’s a three-truck horserace to the championship as Duarte stands just four points behind the leaders.