Rob Murphy returned to the trucks division and put on a big splay for his return, gaining the feature win over Mike Cavallaro. Ed Perry led the race on a lap 22 restart with Cavallaro on his outside. Murphy was low in the second row, under Darryl Dutch. He was all over Perry’s bumper as the leaders went door-to-door. On lap 23, Murphy shot under Perry creating a three-wide setting Cavallaro on the outside. When it broke down, Perry fell back and Murphy went to the front with Cavallaro gaining second. Josh Hedges ducked under Perry into third while Mike Duarte stole fourth and Chase Belcher grabbed fifth as Perry fell to sixth on the evening.

At the outset, Perry and David Simpson held the front row. Perry went right to a two-car lead as Dutch got under Simpson for second. David Lougee got under Simpson while Cavallaro was working door to door with John Paiva.
Lougee moved up to third and Cavallaro took fourth. Duarte, Murphy and Belcher followed.

Perry and Dutch ran one-two all the way to a lap 21 restart. There was plenty of action going on behind them. Cavallaro got under Lougee for third just before Lenny Guy took a spin. Lenny kept hold of it and was able to bring it back under control and continue without caution.

Lougee got back to third and looked to Dutch’s high side as Cavallaro, Duarte, Murphy and Belcher followed. Shaw meanwhile, was getting under Paiva onto Belcher’s tailgate. Perry now had a five-car lead.

Lougee began to fall off, ending up on Belcher’s high side. Duarte took over fourth behind Cavallaro. Perry began lapping cars on lap 21 but lap 22 saw John Robidoux spin out of turn two onto the backstetch.

Perry and Dutch lined up again with Cavallaro and Duarte behind them. Murphy and Belcher made up row three with Josh Williams under Lougee behind them. Perry nosed out with Cavallaro on his bumper. He looked under Perry and there was a lot of bumping and banging through turn four. A spin sent them back to try again and again it was door-to-door with Cavallaro on Perry’s outside and Murphy all over Perry’s tailgate.
Murphy went ahead to the win.

Sixth went to Perry, followed by Shaw, Simpson, Paiva, Guy and Williams.