Ryan Morgan came in from Connecticut to face a 21-car field laden with Seekonk Late Model regulars and three other visitors.  He found himself in second on lap two – behind the track’s new Late Model champ, Ryan Kuhn.  Morgan started behind polesitter Kuhn in row two and followed him under Mark Hudson into second.  Hudson did not give way readily and made a battle of it.  But Morgan cleared and set out after the leader.  Vinnie Arrenegado pulled in behind Morgan forcing Hudson to drop in at fourth.  Mike Mitchell, Chase Belcher, Dan Johnson and Rey Lovelace followed.

            The field was single file on lap four.  Four laps further and Kuhn was a half-straight ahead of Morgan, who still had Vinnie clinging to his bumper.  The top ten ran single file, chasing Kuhn until Mitchell’s back end snapped out in turn two on lap seventeen.

            There was a caution per circuit over the ensuing four laps and the field was not racing full bore until lap 21.  Kuhn led Morgan by 2 cars; Annarummo was a close third, followed by Lovelace, Hudson and Ryan Lineham.  Hudson was again stuck on the outside, where he seems able to run an efficient race.  But Lineham succeeded at getting by on the low side and into fifth behind Lovelace. Dan Johnson then looked under Hudson and went in, stealing the slot.  Now Hudson acqired Tom “The Bomb” Adams at his back bumper.  Belcher looked under Adams and negated any passing moves for the moment.

            At the midpoint of the race, Kuhn had a three-car lead on Arrenegado, Lovelace et al as Johnson got under Lineham and then into fifth place.  Hudson followed Lineham, then came Belcher.  Tripp was working under Adams behind them. Bobby took the spot as the field stretched out single file.

            Morgan began to narrow the distance to Kuhn and was just two cars back on lap 33.  Lovelace looked under Arrenegado as Morgan continued to close on Kuhn.  As Johnson watched from behind, Lovelace and Arrenegado went door-to-door for four laps until Vinnie, on the outside, was able to pull back into third by himself.

            Lap 41 saw Morgan at Kuhn’s bumper.  Behind Johnson in fifth came Hudson, Belcher, Tripp and Gerry DeGasparre, Jr.  With eight remaining, Morgan was high and low repeatedly, looking for an avenue around Kuhn. He took the low road on lap 44 and pushed in underneath, but couldn’t push past.  But with three remaining, he had the front as they approached lapped traffic.  They worked through and came in under the white flag.  On the final lap, Kuhn tried to get underneath, but stubbed his toe on the berm and got loose, forcing him back as Morgan crossed under the checkers for the win.  Kuhn was at his back for second, floolwed by Arrenegado, Lovelace and Johnson.  Sixth went to Hudson, followed by Belcher, Tripp, Adams, DeGasparre, Derek Gluchacki and Joshua Hedges.