Arthur Meack grabbed his first Sport Four win and made it all the sweeter by wresting it away from multi-champion David Westgate by a quarter of a second and current champ AJ Manuel who was just another tenth of a second behind Westgate. Tough Tim Bolger was another missile as he made it four cars all on the same second (.092 behind Meack’s winning time) in the event. Mike Lefort completed the top five, just another 0.2 seconds back. Needless to say it was a tight clot of cars blasting home under the checkers.

At the outset, Sport Fours had another big night in turnout as ten cars made the grid for a consolation race. John Lineberger led the late qualifiers to win the conci which put eight cars at the tail end of the feature’s starting grid.

Lineberger was able to leverage the Conci win into a tenth-place finish overall.

Kyle Diamond muscled out of the pole position to grab the lead over Timmy Ouellette. Ouellette dropped in while Jason Poitras and Ouellette then did some door-to-door running with Poitras edging second at the end of lap one. Henry Lavalle and Matthew Smith followed. But Christine and Dave Simpson, Jr., the division’s mother-and-son team from TTM Motorsports, tangled, sending last week’s winner Jordan Lopes into the accordion effect. As Lopes slowed to avoid Christine, Karlin Levesque came in to push him into Simpson. Lopes and Levesque headed pitside and returned for the restart.

Diamond outran Poitras on the restart and Ouellette was working under Lavalle with Smith on their heels. But Hailey Brightman and Christine made contact and spun, bringing the second restart in the same lap.

Diamond was away again. Ouellette claimed second. Behind the leaders a three-wide broke out in the crowded pack, broke down and then a four-wide formed a couple positions further back.

Westgate had started tenth but was hustling forward and suddenly ran past Ouellette into second. Diamond was a car-length ahead when Westgate completed the pass into second and he set out to conquer the leader.

Bolger was spring boarding forward and as Westgate snared the lead from Diamond, he went by Ouellette into fourth and a lap later, he eased Lavalle out of third. Westgate, Diamond and Bolger ran 1-2-3 for five laps until Meack dodged in to get by Lavalle, then Bolger into second on Westgate’s bumper.

But now, Mike Lefort had made his way from sixteenth to sixth along with AJ Manuel. They debated briefly, swapped positions and AJ debated with a resurgent Jordan Lopes. The trio fourth a three-way battle over fourth, eventually won by AJ. Lopes grabbed fifth with LeFort on his bumper.

Lap sixteen saw Westgate continuing to lead Meack and Bolger; AJ was fourth, followed by Lopes, Lefort and Samantha Mattera.

Lopes suddenly acquired handling problems and got sideways in turn two. He saved it, but ran up near the wall in turn two, stopping just before he contacted the barrier. He was unable to contInue and went pitside on the hook.

Westgate and Meack now lined up with three laps to go; they had Bolger and Manuel behind them while Lefort and Mattera made up row three.

Westgate jumped out but Meack put on a big surge and ran to the front in turn two. Manuel grabbed Westgate’s bumper setting Bolger back to fourth. Behind them, Mattera and Lefort went door-to-door. AJ inserted his nose under Westgate and they flew under the white flag. Meack couldn’t edge away, but neither could pass as they debated second.

At the checkers it was Meack with his first Sport Four win.

Karlin Levesque edged Mattera for sixth and Sam collected seventh, ahead of Lavalle, Diamond and Lineberger.