Great Duel With Thompson Spoiled by Tech Infraction

Brandon “Batman” Martinez and TJ Thompson brawled their way through most of the Legends event with Thompson Taking the lead over the latter portion of the race only to have his win fall to tech inspection. Martinez, who ran to the front early captured the laurels for the event. It was his first win since entering competition a couple weeks late on the season.
Martinez started fifth as Adam Avedisian jumped off the pole and flew into the lead, Martinez zomed under Joey Lembo and into second then grabbed the front in turn two of the second circuit. Avedisian fell in behind him with Lembo, Joshua Parsons and Brendon Hammond giving chase.
By lap 4, Martinez was ahead by half a straight and going away. Thompson had come up to Avedisian’s bumper by lap seven and nosed under so that lap eight saw him setting his sights on the fleeing Batman.
Martinez’ straightaway lead came under assault, now while Lembo got under Avedisian, who spun in turn two. This brought out a lap eleven restart and brought Thompson up alongside Martinez.
Lembo and Jake-the-Jet Johnson were row two with Brandon Packard and Chris – the Orange 0x – Robbins behind them.
Martinez nosed ahead on the green and Thompson hung with him on the outside. Johnson followed. One more lap and Thomson made a drop under move to take the lead. Martinez attempted to repay the favor with his own drop under but Thompson closed the door. The ran door to door on a lap 13 restart after Jessica O’Leary and Avedisian spun in turn four.
Lembo held third behind Thompson and Martinez while Robbins moved in to get underneath him. But Haley went around and caught Avedisian bringing a lap 14 restart.
This time Thompson nosed ayead in turn one with Martinez, Robbins, Johnson and Lembo in pursuit with Ryan Kuhn coming up fast on the outside. By lap 18, Packard had made his way onto Johnson’s bumper with Noah Korner following and Nick Lascuola moving in, followed by Kuhn.
The field strung out as the laps wound down and the order remained the same. With two to go, Johnson had Packard looking underneath and succeeding in usurping the position.
At the stripe for the win, Thompson crossed ahead of Martinez, who went on to claim victory. Second went to Robbins, followed by Packard, Johnson and Korner completing the top five. Lascuola claimed sixth, followed by Kuhn, John O’Sullivan, Shileigh Martinez and Brendon Hammond.