Evan Marchand came back to his early-season successes with a dominant win in the Bandolero Outlaws, pulling away from a second lap four restart into a lead he would not relinquish. Michael Cooper pursued, but finished a distant second as Marchand increased his lead with each succeeding lap.

Cooper claimed second, ahead of Wesley Heard, Samantha Dell and Tyler Tomassi.

Dell led off from the pole with Marchand on the outside. They ran side-by-side down the front stretch with Dell grabbing the lead and Connor Souza ducking under Marchand into second. One lap in, they were running nose-to-tail. Souza got in under dell and they began trading paint, separated then came back together in a good impact which loosened Souza and he fell back. Dell escaped to find Marchand again alongside. Souza recoverd to grab third. Cooper ran fourth while Heard and Tomassi dueled side-by-side behind them. But Tomassi’s grip loosened and he spun.

On the restart, Dell and Marchand came away with Dell moving ahead, but Souza attempted to go underneath and Dell closed the door. They made contact from behind and Dell’s back end came around in front of Souza’s nose as she was momentarily up on two wheels. She was able to drive away, but Souza was off on the hook.

Marchand and Heard lined up to resume racing with Cooper and Tomassi behind them. Hailey Brightman and Dell were row three. Marchand grabbed the lead right out of the box and Cooper found himself under Heard. Tomassi ran outside Brightman, who came loose in turn four, taking Tomassi uptrack with her. She pitted with some damage and the race continued, unabated.

Marchand was ten cars up on the field on lap seven, then added another five on the following circuit. He continued to pour on the coal as Cooper, Heard, Dell and Tomassi followed. The field had stretched out single file as Cooper followed by Heard and Dell ran nose-to-tail. Dell ran to the second groove and pushed hard to pass, but Heard was able to keep her just off his rear quarter. She persisted but Heard kept her at bay.

The field watched Marchand’s tail end move ever further into the distance as they snaked around single file to the checkers/ Marchand had a 4.3-second advantage at the finish line over Cooper, Heard and Dell.